Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1948 , February 22 - Westbound Pool Train Hits Auto at Billings, Canadian Pacific

Ottawa Citizen 23 February 1948

Train Hits Car Two Men Hurt One Seriously
Two Belleville men were injured, one seriously, when their Ottawa-bound car was struck by the first section of the west-bound Toronto pool train at the CPR crossing, Billings Bridge, about 11.15 o'clock last night.
Rushed to 'General Hospital was Arthur Richardson. 32, of 232 Front street. Belleville, driver of the car, who suffered severe chest injuries, fractured rib and lacerations to the face. His condition was described as "fair" today.
Richard Rogers, 37, of 312 Dufferin road, Belleville, passenger in the front seat of the car, was treated for a bruised right leg and thigh at the hospital.
The automobile, a 1941 coach, was struck by the train's engine at the right front door, carried a short distance and then flung south of the crossing. It came to rest without overturning facing south on the west side of the highway.
Rogers, owner of the car, told The Citizen he saw the train through the frosted windows of the car and yelled to the driver: "It's going to hit us."
Skidded Auto Track
Richardson jammed on the brakes, he said, but he failed to bring the car to a stop before the crossing. Rogers said he thought if he hadn't shouted to Richardson "we might have made it" ahead of the train. First section of the Toronto pool train, the train left Ottawa Union Station at 11 o'clock. The train resumed its journey at 12.15 after a delay of almosjt an "hour.
When the car came to a halt after being flung from the crossing, Rogers leaped out and phoned the Provincial Police office. The men were taken to hospital for treatment following the arrival of Provincial Constable Gordon Jack. Ricrfardson was taken to hospital in an Exclusive Ambulance. Ambulance attendants were Robert Hannah and George Gear.

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