Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1926, May 13 - Man killed by train at Cornwall, C.N.R., Kingston sub.

Ottawa Citizen 14 May 1926

Wm. Tanney Failed To Notice Second Train.
CORNWALL, Ont. May 13. William Tanney, a native of Iroquois, aged between sixty-five and seventy, an inmate of the House of Refuge, located just north of the Canadian National station here, was instantly killed this evening at 7 o'clock when he was struck by the Moccasin train from Montreal. The old man, who had been in the House of Refuge for the past three years, had strayed away from the institution after tea and went over toward the track, having a great curiosity for trains. At the time of the accident an eastbound freight train had just pulled out of the Cornwall station, and the supposition is that he did not see the Moccasin approaching and stepped in front of it. An inquest will be held.

Identical wording in the Winchester Press  20 May 1926

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