Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1929, May 4 - Crossing collision near Perth, CPR., Belleville sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 6 May 1929.

Hurled 120 Feet to Death
William Cooke, of Cobden, is Killed by C.P.R. Train.
PERTH, Ont, May 5. William Cooke, of Cobden. local agent for Rawleys Food products, was instantly killed when struck by the west bound 11.30 C.P.R. train at Conlon's crossing, two and a half miles from town on Saturday morning.
The victim was returning from a business call at the farm of Peter Conlon and drove through the crossing gate and dismounted from his car, to close the gate. He re-entered the automobile and began to cross the track when he and the car were hurled into the air by the express train. The high west wind which blew directly into the face of the engine assisted in preventing the sound of the locomotive reaching the driver. The man was hurled 120 feet and the car half the distance.
Mr. Conlon witnessed the accident but was unable to give an alarm in time to prevent the tragedy. Upon reaching the wreck Mr. Conlon made a search for the victim and found him a considerable distance farther away. Mr. Cooke died instantly receiving a fractured skull and having both legs and arms badly broken.
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