Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1919, May 26  - Crossing collision, William street, Carleton Place, Chalk River sub. three fatalities, one injured

Ottawa Citizen 26 May 1919

Pembroke Local Hits Car at Carleton Place Crossing. Fourth Occupant Seriously Injured.
(Special to the Evening Citizen.)
Carleton Place, May 26.- Three persons are dead and a fourth seriously injured as the result of an accident at noon today when a Ford car was struck by a C.P.R. Train.
The Pembroke local, bound for Ottawa, was travelling double-header at a fast speed and at the William Street crossing struck an automobile occupied by John Ryan and Mrs. Ryan, of Ramsey, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manion, of Huntley.
Mr. Manion and his wife and Mrs. Ryan were killed instantly but Mr Ryan, though seriously injured, is expected to recover.
The auto was completely demolished. Manion's body was picked up close to the track but the bodies of the women were carried about a block and a half on the engine. Ryan was also carried about half a block before he rolled off. The train stopped two blocks from the crossing where the accident took place.
Mr. Robert Young of Ottawa was the conductor in charge of the train.

Ottawa Citizen 27 May 1919


CARLETON PLACE, May 27 - The inquest into the death of Joseph Manion, his wife and Mrs. John Ryan who were killed here yesterday when an auto in which they were riding  was struck by a train, was opened here by Coroner Metcalf, of Almonte, who, after viewing the remains,adjourned the inquest until June 13, to allow for the recovery of Mr. John Ryan. The bodies of the victims of the accident will be taken to the home of Mr. John Ryan, near Almonte. Mr. Ryan was taken to the hospital in Almonte and is reported to be doing nicely.
According to the stories of those who saw the car before the accident the auto was travelling at a high rate of speed. The street on which it was travelling runs alongside the tracks for some distance before it crosses, which makes it possible to see approaching trains for some distance.

Ottawa Citizen 29 May 1919

Almonte was shocked to hear that as a result of their car being run down by the local train going to Ottawa, Mrs. John Ryan and Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Manion had been crushed to death and Mr. John Ryan seriously injured. Dr. Metcalf, coroner, was called to the scene of the accident at William street crossing, Caleton Place.  Mr Ryan was removed to the R.M. hospital Almonte, and hopes are entertained for his recovery though his head was badly crushed. The funeral of Mrs. Ryan took place today from her home on the 11th Line. Ramsay, to St. Mary's church, Almonte, and the 9th Line cemetery. The funerals of Mr. and Mrs. Manion also took place at the same time from Mr. John Ryan's residence to St. Michael's church and cemetery[sic], Huntley.

Almonte Gazette 30 May 1919

Page 1
Hospital Notes
Mr. Ryan is doing nicely.

Page 4
Terrible Auto Accident
Mr and Mrs. Jos. A Manion and Mrs. John Ryan Killed and Mr. Ryan Seriously Injured.

Not in the memory of the oldest inhabitant has such a tragedy been enacted in this community as that on Monday, when the automobile in which Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Manion of Huntley and Mrs. John J. Ryan of the 11th line of Ramsay, were killed instantly and Mr. Ryan was seriously, though not fatally injured. They were motoring to Carleton Place to catch the Perth train, the Ottawa local being late, and had just reached the William street crossing when the local with two locomotives came along and the automobile was caught on the crossing with the above terrible result. The car was caught in the centre and was carried across the river, the bodies of the unfortunate people being deposited at points along side of the track. Mr. Manion was thrown out; tossed quite a distance, and was instantly killed. One of the ladies was carried a whole block before she fell off and the second lady was carried over the river before she was released. All appeared to be killed instantaneously. The auto was smashed to atoms. Mr. Ryan was unconscious when picked up, but came to in a few minutes, his first inquiry being for the welfare of the ladies. He was removed to Dr. Downing's office, and later in the day taken to the hospital at Almonte. Coroner Dr. Metcalfe, of Almonte, was notified, and he went over and impanelled a jury, who viewed the situation and adjourned for a fortnight. Meanwhile the bodies were taken in charge by the undertaker's, prepared for burial, and conveyed to the home of Mr. John J. Ryan from where the funerals took place on Wednesday, Mrs. Ryan's in the morning to St. Mary's Church, where the requiem mass was sung by Rev. Father Cavanagh and internment made in the ninth line cemetery, and that of Mr and Mrs. Manion in the afternoon to St. Michael's church and cemetery, the funeral service being conducted by Rev. Father Stanton.
A sadder sight than that of the three bodies lying side by side in the stricken home could scarcely be conceived and the heartfelt sorrow and sympathy for the bereaved ones was shown by the continuous stream of friends and others who came and by their presence gave expression to their feelings.

Ottawa Citizen 14 June 1919


John Ryan Not Sufficiently Recovered to Give Evidence Re Fatalities.
(Special, to The Citizen.) CARLETON PLACE. June 13. The inquest into the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manion and Mrs. John Ryan, who were killed, when the auto in which they were driving was struck by the C. P. R. Pembroke local here on May 26, was adjourned again last night to July 4. The inquest was adjourned because Mr. John Ryan, the principal witness, who was driving the auto, at the time it was hit, was not sufficiently recovered from his injuries to give evidence.
Every one interested in the case had assembled, the jury, the coroner. Dr. A. A. Metcalfe, Almonte; Crown Attorney J. N. Balderson, of Perth; the train crew, and witnesses with the exception of Mr. Ryan. The railway was represented by Mr. Fraser of Ottawa, while Mr. W. H. Stafford of Almonte was to have represented Mr. Ryan.
On May 26 Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan,- in company with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manion, were crossing the C. P. R. tracks in an auto driven by Mr. John Ryan, when the auto was struck by the C. P. R. local train. Mrs. Ryan and Mr. and Mrs. Manion were instantly killed while Mr. Ryan was seriously injured and has not recovered sufficiently to give evidence at the inquest.

Almonte Gazette 11 July 1919

The Railway Not to Blame
The inquest regarding the death of Mrs. Ryan and Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Manion, who were killed here in a collision between an auto and a C.P.R. express train on the 26th May, was concluded before Coroner Metaclfe last Friday night, Mr. Ryan being sufficiently recovered from his shock to testify. His evidence did not attach any blame to any person but himself, and the jury found accordingly. It was well after midnight before the inquest was concluded. Much sympathy is felt for Mr. Ryan, who is almost broken-hearted as a result of the calamity. - (Carleton Place) Herald.

Ottawa Citizen 22 July 1919

CARLETON PLACE  July 21. The regular monthly session of the town council was held last Monday evening in the council chamber.
Letters were read from the county clerk --- from the Board of Railway Commissioners, stating the finding of the jury in the verdict rendered at the coroner's inquest held recently.

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