Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, November 15 - Crossing collision, Lachute, CPR., Lachute sub., one fatality.

Ottawa Citizen 16 November 1937

Woman Killed At Lachute Crossing

LACHUTE, Que., Nov. 15. While driving her car in town this morning. Mrs. A.A. McOuat, 50, was instantly killed wen struck by the Ottawa-Montreal train at the railway crossing on Barron avenue. The accident was witnessed by several people who were waiting at the C.P.R. station platform about 250 yards distant. Engineer G. A. Moulds, of 137 Huron avenue, Ottawa, testified he saw the car slowly approaching but could not stop his train in time to avoid the crash although applying the emergency brakes. The train was brought to a stop in about 150 feet with the car straddled on the cow catcher.

Dr. J.H. Mason, coroner of the district empanelled a jury which brought in the following verdict: "Mrs. A.A. McOuat came to her death by being struck by the Ottawa-Montreal train at Barron avenue crossing and weighing the evidence, we feel that all usual precautions concerning the crossing had been taken and that we do not attach criminal negligence to any one. Nevertheless. the jurymen knowing all the accidents and near accidents that have happened at the various railroad crossings in town, do hereby recommend that the C.P.R. be asked to install proper safety devices at these crossings."

The untimely death of Mrs. McOuat saddened the town for she was much loved and was a great worker in the Lachute United church. She leaves her husband, two daughters, Miss Janet, now in Boston, Miss Edith, nurse in training at the Montreal General Hospital and a son, Gordon, of Lachute.

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