Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1952, February 17 - Crossing accident at Hinchey Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen, 18 February 1952

Train Crashes Stalled Auto; None Injured
A 24-year-old nurse escaped injury, though her car was damaged yesterday afternoon, when it skidded into the path of a passenger train at the CPR level crossing on Hinchey Avenue.
Bernice Carr, 24, of 105 Holmwood Avenue, a member of the Victorian Order of Nurses, was travelling south on Hinchey. after attending a patient in the area.
She noticed the eastbound passenger train while approaching the crossing, but because of the heavy snowfall misjudged her distance. The car was braked a short distance from the tracks, but the vehicle skidded on the icy surface across one of the rails, before coming to a stop
The front cf the car was struck by the train before the young nurse could jump A portion of the bumper was ripped away from the car, and the front of the automobile damaged  to the extent of about $300
Involved in the accident was CPR passenger train No 557 Ottawa-bound from Chalk River. Locomotive No. 1265 in charge of Engineer J H. Murphy, 152 Beech Street, and Conductor George Coughlin.
The train had slowed down to about 10 miles-per-hour in preparation to pull into the Ottawa West station at 4.53 p.m. when the accident occurred. It was braked to a stop within "one car length" after the crash.
Constables Ellwood Miles and Robert longchamps of No. 2 police Station were called to investigate.

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