Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, March 20 - Canadian Pacific, Winchester - Man  Falls from Train, minor injury

Ottawa Citizen  21 March 1950

Man Falls From Train
Special To The Citizen
WINCHESTER George Jennings, 35, of Winchester, who toppled through an open door of a moving train last night, is now resting comfortably in the Memorial Hospital here.

Jennings was riding home on a special train from Smiths Falls when he lost his balance and plunged through an open door between two coaches. The train had just passed through Merrickville and had not regained full speed.

The accident occurred shortly before midnight. Jennings and a party of friends had been in Smiths Falls to witness a hockey game between Inkerman and St. Pat's.

Jennings had told friends he was going to "step outside for a breath of air," and was not missed until the train had gone six miles beyond Merrickville.

Search Instituted

A hurried search of the coaches resulted, then the train was stopped and a search party sent back over the rails. They later found spots of .
blood, and the missing man's hat and scarf.

Jennings in the meantime managed to stagger to a house near the tracks where he was given shelter. Dr. R. G. Bell, of Merrickville, was called and gave the injured man medical aid. He then drove Jennings to his home in Winchester and notified Dr W. M. Byers.

Dr. Byers had Jennings taken to the Winchester Memorial Hospital. His injuries although painful, are not considered serious.

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