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1920,  10  July 1920 - Gatineau Valley train derailed at Castor by obstruction placed on track. Minor injuries.

Ottawa Citizen Monday 12 July 1920

Ottawa Bound Train Derailed Saturday Night Engineer and Fireman Injured.
Gatineau Valley train No. 538 due in Ottawa Saturday night at 10.45 ran off the tracks as it was entering Castor station, which is a few miles above Blue Sea Lake, the engine, tender and baggage car being derailed.
Engineer William E. Stanley, of 148 Breeze Hill avenue, was fairly badly shaken up, and was brought to a local hospital. Last night it was stated that Mr. Stanley, while considerably shaken, apparently had no broken bones, and in due course would be out of the hospital In a few days. The fireman escaped unhurt. A brakesman. Geo. Barker, of 11 Spadina avenue, was also slightly hurt, getting a severe jolt on the shoulder, but was able after a time to go to his own home. None of the passengers were hurt.
A wrecking train was sent up from Ottawa. There were only a few passengers on the Saturday-night train from Maniwaki to Ottawa and these were transferred and brought down to Ottawa by another train, arriving only about a half an hour late. Passengers going north were also transferred around the wreck and taken to their destination.
The cause of the wreck Is not known, it took the wrecking crew from Ottawa some five hours to clear the line, but everything was cleared and in working order for the Sunday traffic. It appears that the train was approaching Castor and the brakes had just been applied when without warning the engine, tender and the baggage car left the rails.
Passengers on the train gave the greatest credit to the crew of the train who did everything in their power to make them comfortable till the other trains arrived to take them to their destination.

Ottawa Journal Tuesday 13 July 1920

Engineer William E. Stanley, of 141 Breeze Hill Avenue, who was hurt on Saturday when a Gatineau Valley train left the tracks at Castor will likely leave hospital in a week. He was shaken up and it is believed that one rib was broken. The derailment, which apparently was due to an obstruction being placed on the track, is being carefully  investigated, and it is believed there will be important developments. George Barker, brakeman, 11 Spadina Avenue, was also shaken up, but his condition is satisfactory, and he will be at work in a few days.  None of the passengers was injured.

Ottawa Citizen Thursday 15 July 1920

Engineer Convalescent.
Engineer W. B. Stanley, 148 Breeze Hill avenue, who was injured in a derailment of the Gatineau Valley train about 10.45 Saturday night last, was permitted to leave the hospital yesterday. Engineer Stanley was brought to Ottawa from Castor station near where the accident occurred and was taken to St. Luke's hospital. where he recovered from his injuries.

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