Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920,  10  July 1920 - Gatineau Valley train derailed at Castor by obstruction placed on track. Minor injuries.

Ottawa Journal Tuesday 13 July 1920

Engineer William E. Stanley, of 141 Breeze Hill Avenue, who was hurt on Saturday when a Gatineau Valley train left the tracks at Castor will likely leave hospital in a week. He was shaken up and it is believed that one rib was broken. The derailment, which apparently was due to an obstruction being placed on the track, is being carefully  investigated, and it is believed there will be important developments. George Barker, brakeman, 11 Spadina Avenue, was also shaken up, but his condition is satisfactory, and he will be at work in a few days.  None of the passengers was injured.

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Updated 11 March 2018