Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1902, August 5 - Brockville and Ottawa train ran through an open switch at Smiths Falls, no injuries.

Ottawa Journal 5 August 1902

Ran into an open switch
Brockville train stuck at Smiths Falls
No one hurt but those returning from regatta had to go around by Winchester.
What might have been a serious accident happened on the C.P.R. Brockville and Ottawa train at Smiths Falls this morning.  The train was pulled by No. 379 and had slowed up coming into the station when the engine ran through an open switch and left the track.  Beyond a slight jolt the passengers were not inconvenienced..  It lookes as if the Ottawans returning from the regatta would have a long delay, but a train was caught for Kemptville Junction where a transfer was made to the train from Prescott and Ottawa was thus reached.

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