Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1948, September 21 - Canadian National - Derailment of a passenger train at Carlsbad Springs,  Alexandria subdivision

Ottawa Journal Tuesday 21 September 1948:

Ottawa-Montreal Train 3 Hours Late In Derailment
One coach of a Canadian National Railways passenger train from Ottawa to Montreal partially left the rails at Carlsbad Springs, eight miles from Ottawa, at 9 a.m., railway officials reported here today.
The train was not damaged by the derailment and there were no injuries to either passengers or crew members, an official said. The train was the CNR's No. 48, which left Ottawa at 8.45 a-m.,EDT. It was due at Montreal at 12 noon, EDT.
The train was travelling slowly when one pair of wheels on the coach slipped off the track. The train was brought to a stop without without other cars leaving the rails and before the one coach became entirely derailed.
The partially derailed coach was removed from the train, which was re-connected and resumed the run to Montreal. The coach was switched on to a siding.
Railway officials said the train would arrive in Montreal about three hours late as a result of the accident.

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