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1952, December 31 - Crossing Accident near Renfrew, CPR, Chalk River subdivision, two fatalities

Ottawa Citizen, 31 December 1952

Renfrew Couple Killed By Train At Crossing
RENFREW Two persons, identified as Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mason, 300 McAndraw Street, Renfrew, were killed instantly early this morning when their car was struck by the CPR Sudbury-bound train at a level crasing three miles west of here,
Dr. L. J. Mulvihill. district coroner, was called to the scene. He did not decide immediately whether or not an inquest would be held.
The Mason car was struck by the train just as it reached the top of a rise, at the crossing. The front part of the car, with the two passengers, was carried for some 150 yards down the track.
Wreckage was strewn for yards around the scene as the car was cut completely in two by the impact The auto engine was hurled over a fence into a nearby field.
Had Attended Party
The couple, both in their late 40's, were reported to have left a party at the home ot Walter Galbralth, a short distance from the scene, just a short time before the crash occurred.
They were followed down the concession road by Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson, who also had been at the party.
Frosted condition of the car windows was given as the possible reason why neither Mr. Mason, nor his wife, was able to see the oncoming train, as visibility at the crossing is good.
Dr. A. T. Mackie was called to the scene, then Dr. L. J. Mulvihill, district coroner.
The bodies were taken to the Cochrane Funeral Home.
Cpl. E. A. Hunter and Constables A. Perpetzian and Thomas Wark of the Renfrew Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, were called to investigate the accident.
The train, first section of CPR No. 9 bound for Sudbury, had pulled out of Renfrew just a short time before the crash.
Engineer of the train was Lucien Brunet, 42 Viscount Avenue, Ottawa. Conductor was T. Spooner.

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Caption to picture
This Was A Car This pile of twisted and torn wreckage is all that remained of the car which carried Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mason, of Renfrew, to their death in a level crossing accident early this morning.The car, hit by a CPR train near Renfrew was carried 150 yards down the track and completely demolished. (Story on Page 3). Photo by Moulton

Ottawa Citizen 10 January 1953

Rule Renfrew Crash Deaths Accidental
Special To The Citizen RENFREW A coroner's jury brought in a verdict of '"death by accident" in the case of the death of Ross Mason and his wife, Renfrew couple who died in a level crossing crash near here early on the morning of Dec. 31.
Coroner Dr. L. J. Mulvihill presided at the hearing and Crown Attorney Al Neville of Pembroke conducted the inquest Friday night in the council chambers.
Frosted Windows
Witnesses indicated that frosted windows probably prevented the couple from seeing the train as their car approached the crossing. The train's warning whistle was sounded, testimony showed.
Among the witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson and Mrs. James Jack, who were eye witnesses; Dr. A. T. Mackle, who was summoned to the scene; Ontario Provincial Police Constable W. J. Gallagher, who investigated. Carmen Hogan, fireman of the train, was also a witness.
The jury consisted of Emerson E. Elliott, foreman and jurymen Kenneth N. Warren, Archie Pecore, Peter Grace and James Ritz.
Bill Ramsay, CPR representative, was present for the hearing.

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