Time for a Railway History Data Base  - March 1987.
 The Arnprior Dinkey  -  Branchline, June 1987.
  Hudson Bay Trials - Branchline, January 1988.
 The Salmon River & Northern Railway  -  Branchline, May 1988.
 In Search of Hydro Locomotives  - Branchline, September 1988.
 Brave Act - Full Career  - Transport Canada, July - August 1990.
 Barnhard Log Loaders  -  Branchline, December 1990.
  Behind the Listings - The Plymouth Cordage Compressed Air Locomotive (with Brian Westhouse) - Branchline February 1991.
 The Thurso and Nation Valley Railway - A Requiem - Branchline, June 1991.
  Thurso Railway Remains - Branchline, September 1992.
  Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway - An Addendum - Branchline, October 1993.
 Comments on the use of Thurso and Nation Valley Railway Car 27.  - Branchline, February, 1995.
 The Alfred Peat Bog Railway  - Branchline, May 2000.
 Standoff at Hurdman  - Branchline, July-August 2000.
 The Centenary of the Interprovincial Bridge  - Branchline, February 2001.
 The Russell Shale Brick Railway  - Branchline, June 2001.
 Sir John A. MacDonald's Funeral Train  - Branchline, November 2001.
 Wanderings of a Railfan Aviator  - Branchline, March 2002.
 Head on at Deschenes  - Branchline, April 2002.
 Break of Gauge at Prescott Junction  - Branchline, June 2003.
  The New York Central in the Ottawa Valley - the Ottawa and New York Railway - paper for the NMRA Maple Leaf 2003 Convention, July 13-20, 2003.
 McLachlin's Dinkey at Arnprior  - Branchline, October 2003.
 The Canada Atlantic Railway Elgin Street (Ottawa) Station (with David Jeanes)  - Branchline, February 2004.
 Stone Haul on the Ottawa and Prescott  - Branchline, February 2004.
  The Mattingly Collection in the Canada Science and Technology Museum (with Bob Moore)  - Branchline, April 2004.
  The Canada Atlantic Railway Elgin Street (Ottawa) Station - A Postscript (with David Jeanes)  - Branchline May 2004.
 The First Railway to Aylmer  - Branchline, September 2004.
 The Rideau Canal Accident  - Branchline, November 2004.
 The Sussex Street Station, Ottawa  - Branchline, December 2004.
 The First Railway in Ottawa  - Branchline, February 2005.
 The Change of Gauge on the Canada Central Railway  - Branchline, April 2005.
  Locomotive Engineer William McFall - A True Hero  - Branchline, May 2005.
 The Demise of the VIA FPA-4s. - Branchline, October 2005.
  125th Anniversary of the Prince of Wales Bridge - Branchline, January 2006.
  Ottawa Valley Mail Crane Problems - Branchine, January 2006.
  Russell's Railroad - Branchline, January 2006.
  Rebuilding of the Prince of Wales Bridge in 1926-27 - Branchline, February 2006
  Shantymen Snipets - Branchline, April 2006.
  Slow Train - Branchline, May 2006.
 Benched Steam Locomotives - Branchline, June 2006.
  CPR train No.532.  Ottawa to Maniwaki Division. - Branchline, June 2006
 The Union Forwarding Company Railway - The First Railway in the Ottawa Valley.  The Horse Railway that ran a Royal Train. - Branchline, July-August 2006.
Ab Sabourin's Last Run - Branchline November 2006 (reprinted from November 1981 Branchline)
The Interlocking at Bedell - Branchline, January 2007.
Another Local Hero (Merland J. Bennett) - Branchline, February 2007.
Fuelled by Wood - Branchline, May 2007.
Station Gardens - Branchline, May 2007.
Rideau Junction - Branchline, September 2007.
The Pontiac and Renfrew Railway - the Railway to the Bristol Mines - Branchline, December 2007.
All Change at Prescott Junction - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, December 2007.
A Grand Trunk Artifact Found in Ottawa (with the Ottawa Railway History Circle) -  Branchline, January 2008.
The Bridge over the South Nation River at Casselman - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, January 2008.
Local Hero - Alfred Parkes - Branchline, February 2008.
The Rear-End Collision on the bridge at Casselman - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, February 2008.
The Bridge over the Ottawa River at Fitzroy - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, March 2008.
To Err is Human - Cornfield Meet at Woodlawn - Ottawa Centra; Railway, Spareboard, April 2008.
It's later than You Think.  How do you preserve your collection for posterity? - Branchline, June 2008.
The Canadian Northern Railway Rideau River bridge, Ottawa - Branchline, July-August 2008.
The Nepean Junction Mystery - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, July 2008.
Ottawa West - Ottawa Central Railway, Spareboard, September 2008.
The Canadian  Northern Railway Bridge over the South Nation River, or How Not to Build a Bridge - Branchline, December 2008.
Peat Bog Locomotives - Branchline, December 2008.
Harry McLean's Dominion Construction and Grenville Crushed Rock Operations at Deeks -  Branchline, January 2009.
Bridge over Green's Creek - Branchline, March 2009.
Local Hero - Arthur Guertin - Branchline, March 2009.
Sussex Street Station, Ottawa - A Follow Up. - Branchline, November 2009.
Locomotives Named "OTTAWA" - Branchline, March 2010
A Boy's Experience on the Old Bytown and Prescott in the 1860s - Branchline, May 2010
Railway Stories from the Ottawa Citizen       
            Passenger carried right to his farm
            Gang of Rivermen Beat Up the Conductor
            Reporter learned some Railway Ethics
Fake Figure and Red Paint Gave Watchman a Bad Scare - Branchline, July - August, 2010
 The Engineer Also Acted as Fireman - Branchline, September 2010
The Bear Said "Ba-Ba" Yet Phil Roy Ran - Branchline, October 2010
Close Call on the Hull Electric - Branchline, November 2010
The Very First Railway in Ottawa - Branchline, November 2010
First Train over the Bonnechere Bridge at Renfrew - Branchline, January 2011
The Nosbonsing and Nipissing Railway - Branchline, May 2014
Bell Locomotives in Canada - Branchline, June 2014
Mclaurin's Mill, Templeton, QC - Branchline, July-August 2014
The Sons of Martha Cairns - the Tenth Cairn - Branchline also Interchange, April 2015
The Cental Railway of Canada - Branchline November/December 2015
 The Winnipegosis Mixed - Branchline March/April 2016
 Tales in OVAR's Back Yard - The First Derailment on the Parry Sound Railway - OVAR Interchange, May 2019
 The Coal Trestle - OVAR Interchange September 2019
Potentially Serious Accident on the Hull Electric Railway In Ottawa - OVAR Interchange March 2020


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