C.P.R. Train No. 532.

The following is from the Arnprior Watchman of 30 August 1918
C.P.R. train No. 532
Ottawa and Maniwaki Division

De Gatineau train she's come down de line.
W'en she's reach Cascades she's runnin' fine.
De engineer* wit' his smilin' face,
Han' on de t'rottle, is right in place,
Conductor# too, (he's darn good fellow),
Ax his trainmen@ to sweetly bellow;
"Don't forget your parcels!"

It was den de rain come on, bien oui,
An' dat Gorman man he sure can see,
W'en he's look right out before dat train,
Dat' dey certainly would get some rain -
An' he hates dat hill on Mount Burnett-
So he says to his ole bulljine, you bet,
"Can you make it? Can you make it?"

For de long stiff grade she's right before.
An de lightnin's flash - de t'under roar,
De rain she splash on de window pane
An' I can tell you it was some rain,
De rails so dam' dat she's t'row some san'.
An' soon she's puffin' to beat de ban';
"I can make it. I can make it."

She's puff an' she's grunt - she grunt encore,
"I mis' buck old Mount Burnett once more
'Tho' she's high enough to kill a man-
"I -t'ink-l-can. I -t'ink-l-can. I-"
So Gorman 'courage her all he dast
An' he's t'row dat san' so hard an' so fast
Dat his bulljine made de grade - at last,
"l-knew-l-could. l-knew-l-could."

Dan she's lower her head an' she's hire her tail,
An' she's sail right in for to buck de rail.
An' jus' as she went over de grade.
George Gorman said to himself, he said,
(As he chortled wit' pride an' glee)-
Dat's my ole bulljine - an' she an' me
"We know we can. We know we can."
"Kirk's ferry next."

*Engineer George M. Gorman;
#Conductor Wm. Goodfellow;
@trainman, George Stewart.   

Bytown Railway Society, Branchline, June 2006.

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