Austin Cross was born in July 1898 and moved in his early childhood to Ottawa. He attended Queen's University and began a career in journalism with the Ottawa Citizen.  He moved to the Montreal Star in October 1929 but his columns entitled "Geography Lesson" continued to appear in the Citizen.  He returned to the Citizen and began a daily series called "'Cross Town" on 2 January 1946.  Mr. Cross had a strong interest in railways and wrote many commentaries.
The Ottawa Citizen announced his early retirement, through ill health, on 30 September 1961. His death was announced on 26 December 1961.

Set out below are a number of articles which help to set the Canadian railway scene of Austin Cross' day.

  On the way to Montreal10 December 1929
  My Discovery of Carleton County22 June 1940
 Austin F. Cross Talks On Trains7 February 1945
 By Rail to Owen Sound13 February 1945
 The Gatineau Train19 July 1945
 Riding the Gatineau Train Provides Amusement for Writer and Cartoonist25 August 1945
  Old Number 30 Has Run a Million Miles24 September 1945
 Parking Place for Engine27 September 1945
 Tram 650 16 January 1946
 Redcaps17 January 1946
 Thurso and Nation Valley Railway6 February 1946
  The Canadian Pacific has put the Beaver back on its Crest22 February 1946
  Alma and Jonquiere Railway11 March 1946
 Reveal Plans To Re-Route Hull Traffic30 March 1946
  Norwood and St. Lawrence and Essex Terminal Railways28 May 1946
  Talking to Strange Ladies on Trains28 June 1946
 Visit to Ottawa West Roundhouse6 August 1946
  Streetcars and Streetcar Signs 24 August 1946
 Early Morning Streetcar28 August 1946
 On the North Shore31 March 1947
 Moist Handkerchiefs For Late Hull Electric1 April 1947
 Cherry Pie, Ice Cream On President's Train11 June 1947
 Track Removal Giant Project Estimated Cost $200 Million16 June 1947
 Riding A, Locomotive As Big As A House28 June 1947
 Winnipeg and Back7  July 1947
 In The Days When Dobbin Beat The CPR21 July 1947
 Electric Streetcars In Operation 56 Years2 August 1947
  No. 122 -- The Intellectual Line Its Prosperity Founded on Salt30 August 1947
 Engineer On Last Run But He Didn't Know It1 October 1947
 Observe The Passing Of The Observation Car15 December 1947
 You Can Go Places On A Train For A Nickel18 December 1947
150 Pounds Of Baggage And All For A Nickel24 December 1947
 Maybe The City Will Put This Car To Work 18 February 1948
 Riding The Rails Now A Deluxe Experience25 February 1948
 Lots Of Inconvenience On The "Ma And Pa"17 March 1948
 He Rides into the Dawn on the Fireman's Seat27 March 1948
 Creeking Along On The Buffalo Creek19 April 1948
 No More Railway Worlds In Canada To Conquer (Thousand Islands Railway)5 July 1948
  Who Wants An  Engine For His Front Lawn?17 July 1948
 Any Old Shunter Seems Good Enough For Ottawa23 July 1948
Last Narrow Gauge Line In America (East Broad Top Railroad) 25 September 1948
 Theres A Water Bar In The Union Station14 October 1948
 Railway Bell at Anglican Church12 November 1948
 Scottish Lord Likes To Run Locomotives8 January 1949
 A Fish Tale28 February 1949
 Most Glamorous Board In The Railway World (Lancaster and Chester Railroad) 1 March 1949
  Overage Street Cars Making Way for Buses 17 September 1949
  The Train of Tomorrow Like A Dream On Wheels26 September 1949
 "Org Arg; Snzz, Bloar All Change For Wawa" (OTC streetcar announceents)30 November 1911
 Mighty Diesel Engine Ends Triumphant Tour (Demonstration of diesel locomotive on The Continental17 December 1949
 Makes Opinion Clear Of Railroaders, Onions22 December 1949
 Railroading The Snow Sometimes Is Not Slow28 March 1950
 Lancaster and Chester Weird Little Railway17 May 1950
 This Little-Known Line Is Most Profitable
    (Detroit, Toledo and South Shore and Toledo, Angola and Western Railroads)
3 June 1950
 Travels Twelve Inches On His 146th Railway (Lowville and Beaver River Railroad)10 June 1950
 Tweetsie - A Railway Doing "Strip Tease"11 April 1951
 The Clinchfield Railroad11 April 1951
  Dedication Of Diesel Swanky Kingston Affair1 August 1951
 Abandoning Old Rail Line (Brockville to Westport line)5 July 1952
  Abandonment of Brockville to Westport line2 September 1952
 Railway Keeps Her Around Because Of Her Size (CP 2-6-0 3011)14 July 1954
 Old cabbage stacker pulls museum train to city for week's showing23 August 1954
 Vancouver Only Three Sleeps Away In Push-Button World Of The Super25 April 1955
 Austin Near "Heaven" as "Canadian" Sweeps Across The Continent25 April 1955
  Cross Rolling Home27 April 1955
 Taking Old 419 Off Ottawa-Waltham Run  16 June 1955
 It's Montreal To Ottawa Non-Stop In Two Hours27 September 1955
 Five-Hour Toronto Train Is What Ottawa Needs21 September 1956
 The Canadian Hit "Dot" On Trip To Vancouver5 January 1957
 They Haven't Buried Railroader Bury Yet 11 March 1957
 Gets A Sound Scolding For Railroading 'Muff" 13 January 1958
 Wistful Memories As 'Crack Locomotive' Prepares for last run 2 April 1958
 Montreal Trip On Flyer Combines Speed, Luxury8 April 1958
 Explaining The Mystery Of Train's Early Run17 May 1958
 Life's Going To Be Dull Without CPR's Old "33"3 September 1958
 Ancient Steam Engine Holds Own With Diesels8 December 1958
 "Swan Song" for Famous Line. (Barrys Bay)  2 March 1959
 Shedding A Few Tears For Old Locomotives20 March 1959
   Sing a Swan Song for the “Push Pull and Jerk” 11 August 1959
 Pontiac Passenger Run At End  29 September 1959
 Just Rusting Away10 November 1959
 Railway Schedules out of Ottawa20 January 1960
 Travelling Trav's Tidings, (Canada Central Railway)18 April 1960
  Canada Atlantic Railroaders At End Of Long Run18 April 1960
 105 Years Of Steam Engines Ending For Ottawa3 September 1960
  A Gushing Farewell to Steam6 September 1960
 Nostalgia On Rails4 February 1961
  Last Steam Railroading Link Gone8 April 1961
 Station Master Bertrand Retires After Career Of Almost 50 Years 3 May 1961

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