Thurso and Nation Valley Railway

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This is a monograph on the last logging railway in eastern Canada, the Thurso and Nation Valley Railway. I came to know this line in its later years and watched it die in 1986. These notes will serve as a reminder of a very interesting railway and a way of life which is now gone for ever.

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Sommaire en francais par Jean-Louis Meunier
Introduction - an essay with pictures.
Picture Gallery.
Video Gallery
First Fan Trip in 1964  (from NRHS Bulletin Vol 29 No. 4 1964)

The Route Described from the Locomotive. 
TNVR Diary 1932 - 45.
The 1958 Train Wreck.
Map of the Line.
Items from the Ottawa area papers about the line
About the author.
Facts about the TNVR - a booklet produced in 1951

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