Thurso and Nation Valley Railway

TNVR Diary 1932 - 1945

The first Superintendent of the Thurso and Nation Valley Railway was Damien Lafleur who was known locally as Diamond. A large number of his papers have survived from the period covering the beginning of the railway until 1945. This is, in effect, the steam era on the TNVR. The documents comprise a series of memoranda and instructions, mainly from P.B. Bourget, the General Manager. They present a fascinating account of the behind the scene details of running a railway including operations and maintenance, building the line as well as dealing with customers and members of the public. Apart from P.B. Bourget, Mr. L.E. Hird was the Company Secretary while Managers of the other Company operations are also shown.

 The entries are listed here chronologically. In order to help navigate the papers have been divided up into the periods shown below. You may click on the period to take you to the appropriate part of the diary.

1932 - 1935
1936 - 1939
1940 - 1943
1944 - 1945

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