Thurso and Nation Valley Railway

These videos have been found thanks to Nikola Delja

(1) This is an early excursion. It starts with a view of #10 switching in the yard followed by the excursion headed by #10. The first runpast shows Gaetan Lafleur, the Superintendent at 0.50 secs. We pass a  train headed by #12. At 1.50 we pass Iroquois Falls heading down the hill. At 2.20 we pass the small switcher #6. The train is made up of two gondolas, the original TNVR caboose which was burned and car 27 which was ultimately donated to the Bytown Railway Society and which was restored and is not at the Science and technology Museum in Ottawa.

(2) This is a later video taken towards the end. Showing an empty train headed by three locomotives. The third locomotive is #13 which was niot equipped with multiple unit connections so it is merely idling while the two at the front do the work. When additional power was needed the cedons man on the train would come back and operate #13 separately. The engineer is blowing a rule 14 (l) for the crossing.

(3) This is similar to the previous video. Note the leading locomotive is running in reverse so that the engineer has a better view ahead. However the cab arrangement was not altered so that to move ahead the call was always "Back up"

(4) This is a loaded train running in summer. Note that the logs are now fully long tree trunks as opposed to the short lengths shown in video (1)

(5) TNVR operations in the period 1950-early 1960s Author unknown

(6) The very last run on the Thurso Railway. In January or February 1987, six months after the TNVR closed, locomotive No, 12 , a flat car and Car 27 made a trip out of Thurso for a short way. This video by Colin Churcher, shows a couple of run passes and then a derailment and rerailment of the locomotive.

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