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Industrial Locomotives and Locomotive Cranes in Canada

These lists show industrial and short line locomotive rosters for locations in all provinces except British Columbia which is well covered by the excellent work of Mike Green.  The information is shown on a historical basis with the cut off date being 31 December 1990. The reason for this date is that, after this time, the Canadian Trackside Guide, published annually by the Bytown Railway Society, has good coverage of all locomotives and the history from 1991 onwards can be traced through the various editions of the guide.

The rosters show locomotives known for the company at that location and there is some duplication because many locomotives had more than one owner and location.  Some simplification has been carried out at some locations where several owners were involved at the same facility – this has eliminated some unnecessary duplication.

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While this concentrates on locomotives in industrial use they occasionally morph into short lines.  I have generally avoided companies that came into Canadian National or Canadian Pacific but there have been exceptions.  The decision is mine.

Update for April 2013
I have been working on Canadian Industrial Locomotive history since 1982 and have been helped over the years by many people.  In the last while I have received a great deal of information from Albert Baird on early steam locomotives and John Taubeneck who has researched extensively locomotive cranes.  The results of this work have been incorporated in these lists and for this I am eternally grateful to Albert and John.  More information will be incorporated into these lists as it becomes available.

Update for April 2014
I have posted  pictures of many of the locomotives listed here on Flickr.  These are freely available at:

The files are saved in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.  If you have this on your system just click below.   To download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader click here:

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It has quickly become evident that there are a great deal of unknowns in the history of industrial and short line locomotives in this country and I am faced with the dilemma whether I should wait until it is complete as possible or to put the information into the public domain in the hope that this act will produce additional information.  I have chosen the latter course.  Any additional information or help the reader can provide will be gratefully received.

Last updated September 2016