Canadian Industrial Locomotives - Sources


Sources can be classified as follows:

Books and other published material.
Electronic Information.
Unpublished and Archival Material.
Personal correspondence.

Bytown Railway Society
Branchline - various issues

Canadian Railway Historical Association
Canadian Rail - various issues

Extra 2200 South

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Electronic Information

Querying Canadian Place Names
Natural Resources Canada, Geomatics Canada

Climax Locomotives

Geared Steam Locomotive Works

Shay Locomotives
On line reference and research site for Shay locomotives.

Unpublished and Archival Material

C. Robert Craig Memorial Library - Ottawa

Locomotive Builders Lists - Colin J. Churcher Collection:

  Atlas Car and Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, OH.
  Brookville Locomotive Works, Brookville, PA.
   Canadian Locomotive Company, Kingston, ON.
  Davenport Locomotive Works, Davenport, IA.
  Glover Locomotive and Machine Company.
  Lima Locomotive Works - Shay
  Plymouth Locomotive Works, Fate Root Heath Company, Plymouth, OH.
  Porter, H.K.  Pittsburg, PA.
   Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes Barre, PA.
  Whitcomb Locomotive Works, Rochelle, IL.

National Archives of Canada
MG 31 A10 Andrew Merrilees Papers
Notebooks - Railways of Canada
Vol 6 file 59 Quebec Development Co.
Vol 6 file 68 Roberval and Saguenay Railway
Vol 14 file 20 Roster of Isthmian Canal Commission and Chicago South Side Rapid Transit.
Vol 53 files 17-10 General Correspondence

Andrew Merrilees Photo Collection Accession number 1980-149

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Mattingly collection
Stephens collection

Richmond Historical Society, Richmond, QC

Personal Correspondence and Contacts

Christopher Abbot, NF
Ken Ardinger, Port Orchard, WA
Albert Baird, Brazil
Roger Boisvert, Trois Rivières, QC
Wayne Brittain, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Peter J. Byrne, NF
John Cameron, NS
Rob Chant, NS
Dan Conlin, NS
P. Allen Copeland
the late Ray Corley, Scarborough, ON
Pete Crossley, Leeds, UK
Douglas Cummings, Burnaby, BC
Robert W. Godby, ON
Ron Goldfeder, St. Louis
Mervyn T. Green, Richmond, BC
Mark Hambly, Tamworth, UK
the late Ken Healy, Ottawa, ON
Henry, Charles
Ray Kennedy, Toronto, ON
Dara Legere, NS
Wendell Lemon, NB
Pete Kovanda, Vancouver, BC
Mark Kindrachuk, Saskatoon, SK
Peter Lacy, Winnipeg, MB
Mark Landgraf, Albany, NY
Wendell Lemon, Allison, NB
Don McQueen, London, ON
Bruce Mercer, Brantford, ON
Daniel Osborne, UK
Malcolm Peakman, Kingston, ON
Mark Perry, Dauphin, MB
Dennis Peters, Ottawa, ON
Doug Phillips, Calgary, AB
Carl Riff, Hamilton, ON
Bill Reddy, NY
Carl Riff, Hamilton, ON
Earl Roberts, Ottawa, ON
Gareth Roberts, UK
Bob Sandusky, ON
Paul Crozier Smith, Victoria, BC
Marc Simpson, Vancouver, BC
Glen Smith, NS
Conrad Steeves, NS
Michael Taylor, Hamilton, ON
John Taubeneck, Seattle, WA
the late Jay Underwood, NS
Frank Vollhardt Jr. Warren, OH
Brian Westhouse, Rexdale, ON
Dale Wilson, Sudbury, ON

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