The Railways of Ottawa

1.17 Hull - Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental

The first station in Hull was opened by the QMO&O when it commenced service on 27 December 1877.  This was a terminus until the line was extended to Aylmer in 1878 and later across the Ottawa River into Ottawa on 3 December 1880. This station was also used by the Pontiac Pacific Junction trains when they started to operate from Aylmer.

The location of a new station known as "Hull West"was aproved by order 121877 of 31 August 1966 and this was authorized by Order in Council PC 1968-1118 of 12 June 1968 at an estimated cost of $215,000 for the building and furnishings, landscaping, trackage changes and telecommunications.  It was part of the NCC Railway Relocation Program.

Order R-15682 of 11 January 1973 authorized the removal of the station agent.

1.18 Hull - Beemer

The Ottawa, Northern and Western Railway opened a station at Hull Beemer with the commencement of service from the Gatineau Valley line into Ottawa on 22 April 1901.  Mr. John Lauzon was the first to purchase a ticket at this station for a passage over the new bridge. See section 2.1 for more details.

The Railway and Shipping World for Aug 1901, page 232 reported "The Ottawa, Northern and Western will build a joint station in Hull of either pressed brick or stone,  to cost from $4,000 to $5,000 and also to be used by the Pontiac Pacific Junction Ry."

Further details are shown in Railway and Shipping World November 1901 page 337"

"It is in the Elizabethan style of architecture, and is built of stone and pressed brick to the height of the first story, above this in half timbered work.  The dimensions of the building are 50 x 24 ft. It contains a large general waiting room with lavatories connected, a ladies waiting room about 16 ft. square with lavatories etc. and dispatchers' pffccice opening into the general waiting room, all on the ground floor.  In the basement is a hot water heating apparatus.  The first floor is arranged for the stationmaaster's house, with six good sized rooms, including a large living room, kitchen and bathroom.  The baggage rooms are 136 x 20 ft., and in close proximity ti the station and practically under the same roof, which is extended from the station to cover them.  The architects are Finley & Spencer of Montreal."

The Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway commenced using Hull Beemer with the commencement of operation over the Interprovincial Bridge into Ottawa on 2 December 1901.  Hull Beemer station remained until the abandonment of the Interprovincial Bridge to rail traffic in December 1966.

1.19 Gatineau Junction

Gatineau Junction, or Gatineau Valley Junction, was located where the Gatineau Valley line made a junction with the QMO&O (by this time purchased by the CPR) line from Montreal to Hull in 1892.  A passenger tariff for February 1893 shows this location so there was at least a passenger platform here.  Passenger service to the Gatineau Valley line would have ceased with the opening of the Interprovincial bridge in April 1901 and it is likely that the station was dispensed with at this time.

1.20  Gatineau Point 

Canadian Pacific had a small station at Gatineau Point.  It was mentioned in an Ottawa Journal report of 28 July 1888 when a spark from a locomotive ignited the grass near the station at Gatineau Point.  It was still in existence in 1910 as on 27 January 1910 CPR responded to a report from the Board of Railway Commissioners about the condition of the station.

The Inspector states that the accommodation at this point is inadequate and that the condition of the premises or grounds surrounding the station and platform is bad.  Our Superintendent is at a loss to understand what justification there is for such a report.  The flag stop at Gatineau Point is practically only  for mails and the small shack mentioned in the report is used by the mail driver.  We do not average one passenger a day to or from this point and it is submitted therefore that further expenditure at this station would not be justified.

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