Trip to Ireland September – October 2006


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Monday 2 October 

Kent Street station is an unmitigated disaster.  There are lots and lots of people hanging around with high visibility clothing but none of them actually seemed to be doing any work. The train to Cobh was just two cars and was not well used. 

Cobh is pretty small, just spread out along the water under the cliff. The Queenstown Story, set up in part of the Cobh railway station, was well done.  We decided to have a meal at an open air restaurant with a view of the harbour - the weather was so good.  A big ferry vessel went past quite close as we were eating.  We saw a naval vessel go out.  We had seen it go out this morning and come back for lunch.


We took the train to Fota.  A coalman travelling on the train (we assumed he was a coalman as his face was black) pointed out a Martello Tower just before Fota Island. There was a delightful walk to Fota House which is in a good state of preservation.  The garden and orangery is magnificent - well worth a visit.  We decided to give the wildlife park a miss.

The train back arrived on time and we were treated to a short bird watching experience as the tide was out and the line runs alongside mud flats of the estuary.  Herons, curlews, oyster catchers and all types of wading birds were in evidence in profusion.  At one point the flats were covered with birds and they are not afraid of the trains.

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