Arnprior, ON
Dochart Brick and Tile Works
Narrow gauge skipIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Blue Sea Lake, QC
St. George's by the Lake, Anglican church at the outlet of Ellard Creek
GPS  46.224635, -76.039832
The steam locomotive bell that is in the church is the second one there.  The first was acquired from CP in about 1967 and was installed on a heavy flag pole-like structure with a little roof over it (sort of like a bird shelter).  The bell was quite high up and was taken down at the end of each summer.  However, a few years later someone managed to get up the pole and steal it!  It was never found.  Someone in the congregation contacted CP and they came up with a replacement.  It was then decided to have a belfry built on the roof of the church for the bell to make it secure.  Bruce Ballantyne
Verified by Bruce Ballantyne 2015.
Duhamel, QC
Near Lac de la Ferme TNVR mile 36.4
Remains of combine or baggage car in bush by the tail track of the wyeIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Gatineau (Aylmer), QC
Royal Ottawa Golf Club, on garden in back of club house.
GPS  45.415681, -75.766501
Locomotive bell.  Photo by Colin Churcher 19 August 2015 (thanks to Pat Hurley)
Chris Wilson, the unofficial historial of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club, indicated that the bell was obtained some time in the 1950s and was used as a warning on one of the greens where visibility was restricted.  It was moved to its present location some time in the 1970s.  The Club has no record of its provenance.
Newington, ON
All Saints Anglican church (deconsecrated)
Bell from locomotive that fell into the Rideau Canal, Ottawa East
In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Ottawa, ON
706 Albert Street at Lorne
GPS  45.413229, -75.711579
GTR flatcar frame used in a house.

Photo by Raymond Farand October 2007
Ottawa, ON
Lebreton Flats
A small industrial locomotive is said to have been buried on Lebreton Flats.
See ../circle/findings3.htm#tramways
under Chaudiere, Bradings Brewery/Ottawa Sewer
Cannot confirm
Singer, QC
Bodies of Barnhardt or Marion log loader and boxcar (CP 94096) used for storage
In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Singer, QC
West of tail track of wye
Remains of trucks and frames of passenger cars on the abandoned track bed of the TNVR Savanne lineIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Smiths Falls, ON
Golf club
One or two side dump ballast car bodies used as bridges over water on the seventh holeNeed picture.
Russell, ON
Keiyh Boyd Museum
GPS  45.255002, -75.357137
Narrow gauge skip used by the Russell Shale brick Company.

Photo by Colin Churcher July 2015
Thurso, QC
Hwy 317 4 miles north of town on east side of highway
Remains of TNVR ballast carsIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.

31 March 2017

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