April 1960

In which I continue at Eltham College 

Saturday 2 April
I slept quite well last night and didn't come down until nearly nine o'clock.  This morning I have done some maths and cut some wood.  This afternoon I played for Combe Junior Colts against Roslyn Park B XV.  Owing to scratching we were only able to field 13  men (they had 14) but we were reduced to 11 by injuries.  Not surprising that we lost but we did quite well really 6-14.  It was quite a tough game but not nearly so good as last week.
I heard Dohnanyi Nursery Variations this evening.

Thursday 7 April
Last term's Elthamian came by post this morning, it had not been printed in time for the end of term.  My photograph is in it with the first XV.It is quite good although the actual quality of the picture is bad.  I am also mentioned in the first XV critiques, "an intelligent player though he lacks fire in the loose".
It has been sunny this morning and I have been working in the garden.  Not so nice this afternoon.  It started raining about 5 o'clock and has been raining ever since.

Saturday 9 April
Auntie Margaret came down this morning to show Mum how to do a wickerwork pattern in icing on a cake.  It looks jolly good but one corner was spoilt by jogging.
This afternoon I played the last club fixture of the season.  We had a stronger team than last week and we beat the Old Alleynians B 6-3.  It was a very good game though not as good as the game against King George's House.  I had to collect the beer kitty afterwards.  Its very difficult to extract 2/6d from some of the players.

Wednesday 13 April
Again my alarm clock did not go off so I didn't get up until 10 o'clock.  dad was off this afternoon.  He and Mum went up to buy some wall and ceiling paper for their bedroom.  The wallpaper is blue with pink roses - nothing daring but passable.
I went to play for Combe Schoolboys at 5.00.  We lost the match against Metropolitan (most ogf them were Welsh) Police Cadets by three tries to a penalty (9-3).  It was quite a hard match which they deserved to win.  I had quite a battle with the opposing prop (he was trying to gouge my eyes) - at one point the referee told us to stop it. David came home early from the Lake District in order to play.

Friday 22 April
I went on a hike with the rest of the party, except Terry Wall, who are going in the summer.  We started iat Knockholt station and walked via Chelsfield to Shoreham where we had our dinner in the garden of the "Two Brewers".  I had a pint of Directors Bitter, a very good beer.  After dinner we walked alongside the River Darent to Lullingstone.  We went through Lullingstone Park (Private - but we shut our eyes when we went past the notice). We visited Francis Duke at Hulberry Farm.  He was very surprised to see us as it is very remote. We walked home via crockenhill.  The five came home and had some tea after which we watched Tony Hancock.  he wasn't so good this week.  Dave Waywell stopped later that the rest and we discussed plans for going to Cornwall by coach.  It will take longer but will be much cheaper.

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