March 1960

In which I continue at Eltham College 

Thursday 3 March
I missed the bus this morning, it was early.  I saw it but couldn't do anything about it.  When I arrived at school there was a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller outside the form room.  It turned out it was Peter Gregory's parents'.  He has just passed his test and this is the first time he has driven to school.  After school he brought me home, along with three others.  
During music today we had the Hebrides Overture and Pictures from an Exhibition by Mussorgsky (arranged for orchestra by Ravel).  The overture was a very good recording, the best I have heard (Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra)  It was the first time I have heard the Mussorgsky and I enjoyed it.

Saturday 5 March
I had a letter today from the CME&E (Brightion) giving details of two classes of locomotive (classes A12 and D3X).
When I arrived at the club this afternoon I found that our fixture against Merton and Morden Colts had been cancelled.  However, I managed to get a game for the Extra B XV against Thomas Cooks A XV.  It was a draw 6-6 and the game wasn't much, there was quite a bit of fighting.  
This evening we went into the Champions' birthday party.There were twenty of us.  Spent most of the evening playing Escalado.  I wasn't too late getting to bed because I have injured my back.

Saturday 12 March
I went down to play rugger at Maidstone.  I had some time to spare at St. Mary Cray station and this gave me the opportunity to observe the line after modernisation.  Most of the traffic was electric multiple units (6 cars to Ramsgate, 4 cars suburban, 2 cars to Gillingham and Maidstone).  In the hour I was there there were only two non-electric passenger trains (both boat trains), one pulled by a Battle of britain Pacific and the other hauled by Derby-Sulzer diesel electric locos D5000/4.  There was one freight pulled by D5010.  There is now very little steam at all.
I reached Mote Park Maidstone without mishap.  It is a very nice place set in wonderful country.  We lost the match 3-15 (3-3 at half time).  The main trouble was that their scrum was very heavy and their wings were very fast.  I caught the 7.45 back from Maidstone and arrived home just after nine.  Both ways I travelled in electric stock which is comparatively new (about a year)) and I was surprised at the way the riding of the bogies has deteriorated.  The journey down was bad enough but the up journey was atrocious.  They would not have passed the "threepenny bit test".

Monday 14 March
It turned ut that the rag held in Eltham High Street in aid of the refugee fund was quite successful. I would like to have seen Terry Wall in a pram pushed by Colin Bishop, drinking beer through a teat. We now have about 340.  Paul Thompson came to school about 12 o'clock very jubilant.  He has passed his driving test.  There is going to be a show at school next Saturday.  I think I will ask Christine to have come.  I have done my economics essay which I ought to have done yesterday.  Mum went to a Whist Drive this evening, she didn't win anything.

Friday 18 March
I tried to box clever this morning by leaving home 20 minutes later.  Unfortunatekly the wrong bus was cut so I still had to wait a long time. It didn't matter much because I have two PS periods first thing.  At break this morning we had the first XV photograph.  It took some time changing afterwards with the result that I was 20 minutes late for maths.

Back Collins: Mason: Collis: J. Linscott: Calderwood: Boyd: Churcher 
Middle - Exeter: A Davies: Parsons: C Bradnock: Singleton-Green: Emery: Browne
Front - Ellis: Daltry
P9 W4 D2 L3

After school I helped at the TFS lecture on the Roman city of Verulaneum (St. Albans).  Some of the slides were very good.  At 6.15 we saw the Film Society's film "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". Although it was a musical I enjoyed it, some of the dancing was excellent.
The last steam locomotive for British Railways "Evening Star", was completed at Swindon Works.

Saturday 26 March
I played for Combe Junior Colts against King George's House (a YMCA) team  The result was a 3-3- draw.  It was a very good game, the best of the season probably.  It was hard fought but there was no dirty play. I had quite a duel with the opposing prop as to who was to bind under whom.  Afterwards I got into conversation with one of their players, a Hungarian who came over after the revolution.  He was very interesting to talk to.
Dad came in about half an hour late this evening because of the trains. Later on Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down and took Mum and Dad for a ride around Westerham.  I stayed home and read and listened to the wireless (Prokofiev Symphony No. 1).

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