January 1960

In which I continue at Eltham College.  The diary for 1960 is much bigger than the 1959 one which was a Letts School Diary.  This year there are four days per page on an 8x4 hardcover book.

Friday 1 January
The weather wasn't very nice to start off the 1960s, it rained quite heavily this morning but cleared up later.  I had quite a post this morning.  A card from OERFC about rugger, an invoice from Easybind Ltd. about a binder I've ordered and a subscription form from the YHA. Have done some school work this morning - about time too.  This afternoon I went up to the record shop but the record I've ordered had not come in.  Dad came home early to go to the doctor's, he didn't have a very good night last night.  Mrs. Champion came in this evening but as the TV is US. we talked and listened to the wireless.  

Saturday 2 january
I didn't get up until quite late this morning.  I was very tired. I went up to Smiths about 11.45 only to find out that the book I have ordered (Locos of BR, Casserly and Asher pt. 4) was out of print.  Instead I bought two Penguins with the book token Auntie Doris and Uncle Albert sent me for Christmas. (Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M.R. James and The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh). In the afternoon I went to the record shop to get my new LP (Tchaikovski and Mendelsohn Violin Concertos, Christian Ferras with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Constantin Silvestri).  I only had time to play the Mendelsohn concerto because Uncle Alf called in the car at 4.00 to take us up to their house for the evening.  Uncle also brought Auntie Edie, Uncle Jim and Trevor up and later fetched Dad from work.  After tea we played pontoon.  The bank was not very successful but I managed to make 4/5d.  About 11.30 Uncle Alf brought us home and I got to bed about midnight.  Trevor is out of work at present, he has given in his notice but has several interviews.

Monday 4 January
Had a postcard from Reading University this morning, my name is on their waiting list, that's something.  Also had a castrol chart to F. Mendelsohn.  Did some more geography this morning.  This afternoon I played in the Combe schoolboys trials and have badly jarred my left shoulder again, hope it will be alright for tomorrow.  I played on the wing for part of the match.  After seeing David to the station this evening I went next door to meet the Abbots.  Mum and Dad came later.  Dad and Paul have fixed the TV.  Paul can work wonders.

Tuesday 5 January
My shoulder hurt quite a bit last night and kept me awake.  This morning I have done some more geography.  Mum has sent off for an electric drill for Dad. This afternoon I went to Sidcup to play for the Elthamians Colts XV against Sidcup Colts XV.  Unfortunately I had to hook.  We were leading 11-6 at half time but the scrum played better in the second half and we won 27-6.  Afterwards I went over to Peter Gregory's house to spend the evening with Jean, Mary and Roy.  We caught the 9.45 train from Bickley and I got home about 10.30.  My shoulder is still bothering me.

Saturday 9 January
I did manage to get up in time but when I arrived at the station I found the train was 9.19 instead of 9.29.  I met Richard alright at Bromley South and we got to the Boat Show quite quickly.  I found it very interesting.  Among the things we saw was the Saunders Roe Hovercraft, the only one of its kind. The cabin cruiser I liked the best was the "Giselle", a six berth boat with almost everything (except television). We went back to Auntie Vi's birthday party.  Uncle Jack, Auntie Sue and Suzette were there.  It has been snowing although not much has settled yet.  It is freezing this evening and we left Bloomfield Road early because we thought the buses might not be running.  But they were OK and we were home at about 1015.  I have many leaflets from the Boat Show to sort out.
England beat Scotland 13-11 at Murrayfield

Wednesday 20 January
So far this term I have been very good in geography.  I haven't made any rude comments at Bernie.  I wonder how long it is going to last. Roy was surprised today when Adrian Davies turned him out of the library during period seven.  The cause "insubordination".  I played in the first seniors house match for the term against Chalmers.  We won 3-0 although we deserved to score many more.  Roger Davies scored the try, taking about six opponents over the line with him.  I had to lead the scrum and was quite hoarse afterwards.  Auntie Pat and Uncle Reg came over this evening.  Richard stayed at home doing some work, I'm not sorry, I've some too.

Thursday 28 January
In PS period 5 today I was summoned to the school office where Mrs Catchpole told me that Dad has had his operation and was alright.  This is a relief. After school we had the second senior house match against Moffatt which we lost, somewhat unluckily, 6-3.  I was scrum leader and my throat was quite sore this evening although my leg is OK.  It was a good, hard fought match which I enjoyed very much.  I found their hooker wasn't very good and I managed to hook the ball against the loose head even though I was tight head prop forward,  Mum went to see Dad this evening, he was quite cheerful.

Friday 29 January
My right foot was stiff this morning because of a kick I received in the ankle yesterday.  It was so stiff that I couldn't run with the result that I lost my bus. Tony Butwick did an essay for geography
on Switzerland, Peter Gregory copied it. and got 10 out of 20 whereas Tony got 15.  This proved something.  We won't find out until we have geography on Monday.  For our current affairs period today we had a speaker from the Central African Area Bureau.  He wasn't very interesting and gabbled on and on.  This evening we went to see Dad who looks very well, he was quite cheerful although he was in some pain.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf gave us a lift home.

Saturday 30 January
My February Trains Illustrated came this morning, altogether 300 engines have been withdrawn, an amazing figure.  Of this total 194 were Midland engines including the last nine of a class of 10 Stanier engines two of which I saw stored at Buxton last summer.  Also to go was a Southern class B4 0-4-0 tank.
This afternoon I played for Combe Colts II XV against Saracens B Xv.  We won 3-0 although we should have scored many more tries.  It was a very good game which I enjoyed very much.  Afterwards I got to know some more of the members of the club in the bar.  They are a decent crowd of fellows all about my own age.  Afterwards David came back with me to tea and stopped the evening.  We had intended to listen to parts of the Messiah but we watched TV instead.
I am surprised at the number of phone calls, letters and calls we have had asking how Dad is.  We have certainly found our friends, people are very kind.  Dad was progressing satisfactorily, Mum went to see him this afternoon.  He had six visitors.

Monday 31 January
Peter asked Bernie why he only got 10 out of 20 for his essay as he had the same points as Butwick.  When he told Bernie that the essay was copied he didn't believe him but afterwards raised Gregory's mark to 12 and lowered Butwick's from 15 to 13. I don't know how his mind works.  I had a castrol chard addresses to E. Greig, two composers so far.
After school I watched a junior house match, Carey v. Chalmers Carey lost 0-8.  Most of the mistakes were the normal ones common to beginners.  Dad was more cheerful today.

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