December 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College 

Tuesday 1 December
It has been very foggy today, visibility at midday was about ten yards.  I came home from school at 4 o'clock. The buses weren't as bad as I thought they would be.

Wednesday 2 December
It has been raining today - at least it has got rid of the fog.  Mum and Dad went up to Lewishan and have bought me a cap - now I look like an Andy Capp.

Thursday 3 December
We have just done the worst practice I have ever done.  It was raining and pitch dark - but we still did six intervals.

Friday 4 December
We had a talk today by Arnold Wesker, the playwright who wrote "Roots".  He was very witty and interesting.  I have received four Castrol charts.

Saturday 5 December
We played against the seconds.  We only had 13 men but we won easily. In the evening we went up to Roy's house to meet the party going on holiday.

Sunday 6 December
I have broken up one of the chairs in the dining room, one of Grandma's.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down in the evening.

Monday 7 December
We were going to have a rugger practice this evening but it was raining and I managed to think up an excuse.  I went next door in the evening and heard some records while Mum and Dad were out.

Tuesday 8 December
Roy and Peter came down this afternoon to watch the varsity match, we had the afternoon off.  It was not very good.  Oxford won 9-3 (4 penalties).  Sambo Smith didn't play too well.

Wednesday 9 December
I went to Harris' dinner at Cranford Hotel 7.30-11.00.  We had quite a good time although I was very tired when I got to bed just after 12.00.

Thursday 10 December
I was going to do a practice today but it was raining so much that it was cancelled, so I beat Peter Jones at chess instead.

Friday 11 December
I went up to Auntie Edie's after school.  Cycled today to school. It was very cold.  I think I have got a cold coming.  I went to bed with hot milk and whisky.

Saturday 12 December
My cold was even worse today and I had to scratch for the match against Emanuel.  Uncle Alf came down in the car and took us up to their house for the evening.

Sunday 13 December
My cold is still bad.  I was doing an economics essay when Roy Bennett dropped in for a social call.  We actually haven't had any visitors in the evening.

Monday 14
It has been raining a bit today.  After school I went up to Dolcis? to buy some shoes.  They are quite good - casuals.

Tuesday 15
Haven't done much today.  Bernie has given up for the term and is trying to get us to do some work on our own.  Mum and Dad were going up to Spur Road this evening but the weather was too bad.

Wednesday 16
I took Jean to the school dance, Roy came with Mary. I didn't do too badly.  At least I can waltz and can nearly do the quickstep.

Thursday 17 
Last day of term.  We only went in for about 2 hours, speeches etc.  I was going to the WI party and when I got there I didn't feel too good so I came home.

Friday 18 December
Nice to be on holiday again.  I have written all my Christmas Cards and have sent them.  I haven't bought any presents yet though.

Saturday 19 December
Dai came down in the afternoon and we went up to Goddington to play for the Combe second Colts against Warlingham B.  Draw 3-3, very good game.

Sunday 20 December
Dad didn't have a very good night and slept until 12.30.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down in the evening and we watched a Whitehall theatre farce on TV. Very good.

Monday 21 December
I went up the road (i.e. High Street) this morning and at last have bought some Christmas presents - Richard and Jean's, I still have Mum and Dad's to get. Terry Wall called in about dinner time on his way to Bromley.

Tuesday 22 December
I went to Bromley this morning to do some shopping.  Have bought Dad a pair of braces.  In the afternoon we went to Auntie Lilly Pallett's and Auntie Min.  She was very pleased to see us.

Wednesday 23 December
Dad was off in the afternoon and we all went up the road shopping.  I have bought Mum some bath cubes and chocolates.  The Biggs came down in the evening.

Thursday 24 December
Christmas Eve.  I have been very busy delivering presents to Ramsden, Spur Road and Kelvin Parade.  The pressure cooker burnt out and we just saved the ham.  (it was burnt to buggery) About 9 Win and Alf came down to take Mum and Dad out for a drink.  Everything is under control.

Friday 25 December
I woke 7.30 and opened my presents with Mum and Dad.  Auntie Vi gave me a super reading lamp but I had mainly money.  Auunties Win and Edie, Uncles Alf and Jim and Trevor came to tea.  I got to bed 1.30 am.

Saturday 26 December
I went up to Richard's to stay the night.  We spent Boxing day with the Russells.  Richard has a new roulette game.  I didn't get to bed until 1.40.  I was very tired.

Sunday 27 December
Got up about 10.30.  We went in to see Auntie Vi but she was --ing up after dinner.  Mum and Dad came up and also 7 others of the family.  There were 16 to tea at Auntie Pat's.

Monday 28 December
Dad was home today.  They have started cutting down the trees in the Priory.  We will be sorry to see them go.  I have started to write my thank you letters.

Tuesday 29 December
I have ordered a record of Mendelsohn and Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos and also a railway book.  Mum and Dad went up to Spur Road this evening. I have finished up the beer I bought for Christmas.

Wednesday 30 December
I went up to Richard's to his party.  I had to wait 20 minutes for a 410 bus. We didn't have too bad a time although Uncle Reg's bean game didn't come off.  I got to bed 1 o'clock.  Stayed the night at Oaklands.

Thursday 31 December
I didn't get up until 9.30.  I stopped to dinner at Oaklands but came home in the afternoon.  I walked down Shire Lane in 27 minutes.  I went into the Champions for the evening but didn't see in the New Year.

So, at last the '50s are over and done with and there is much speculation as to what the 1960s will bring.  For me 1959 has been a very successful year.  In the summer I travelled about 1500 miles mainly in areas that I have never been to before.  This has been a good year for rugger.  I am now a member of Westcombe Park RFC and have got into the school 1st XV.  For world events 1959 has been a noteworthy year
- revolution in Cuba
- London-Paris air race
- long dsitance marches (Barbara Moore, Edinburgh to London in 7 days
- General Election - tories get in with increased majority
- Russia gets a rocket to the moon

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