November 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College and visit the Whitbread Brewery.

Sunday 1 November
It has been raining today and I have not done too much.  Auntie Mary and Christopher  came down.  They live at Oxley near Skipton.  I haven't seen them for some time.

Monday 2 November
I have borrowed some records from the Ogdens.  Two boxes of 78s.  There are parts of  about 10 symphonies.  Paul came round this evening to see if I can hear his gram?

Tuesday 3 November
Went up to the Whitbread Brewery at Chiswell Street.  Plenty of samples afterwards. I was particularly interested in watching the coopers making barrels. Went round to Paul's in the evening to hear the Messiah on his set.

Wednesday 4 November
Back to school.  Not too many hangovers.  Did some training.  Mr. Ogden and Mr. Champion came round to see the football on TV. I have played the Ace of Clubs Rossini overtures record.

Thursday 5 November
So far this week our form has received 20 Castrol charts.  Guy Fawkes Day.  I haven't done anything - too busy doing geography.

Friday 6 November
Went to the Film Society after school today.  Saw Animal Farm, a documentary, and another documentary on Piccadilly.

Saturday 7 November
Played for the 1st XV at Barnet.  Quite foggy.  I was kicked in the eye and my shorts have been ripped beyond repair.  My eye is closing up.

Sunday 8 November
My left eye is not too bad although it is only partly open.  I have done an essay on the size of firms.

Monday 9 November
It has been raining very hard today especially at dinner time.  It was still raining after school and my practice was abandoned.  I have done an economics essay.

Tuesday 10 November
GAD (Calderwood) took our practice today and we had sone scrum practice.  No interval running thank goodness.  I had a Castrol chart today.

Wednesday 11 November
Fairly frosty this morning although it seems to have cleared up.  Junior house matches - Carey beat Moffatt 6-3, Chalmers beat Livingstone 21-6.

Thursday 12 November
Very foggy and frosty this morning but the fog cleared quickly by midday.  We played the seconds after school and thoroughly enjoyed myself. (This might have been the game in which the entire 1st XV was strung across the field and passed the ball from one side to the other with each team member participating).

Friday 13 November
I went to the Geographical Society's talk and lecture on "London's Water Supply".  It was quite interesting.

Saturday 14 November
We drew away at St. Dunstans.  It was a good match but we deserved to win.  I didn't do too badly. About 6 o'clock I had a representative round.

Sunday 15 November
Walked up to Richard's.  They are getting on with the railway but have only got one line working.

Monday 16 November
When I got home this evening I found that I had left my economics book behind so I will have to do the essay tomorrow.

Tuesday 17 November
I didn't have a practice this evening so I got home early.  Have done the essay I should have done last night.  I am going to spend Boxing Day at Oaklands.

Wednesday 18 November
Did a light practice with GAD Calderwood.  Have been practicing swerving and short kicking.  I watched the Cooper v. Erskine fight on film this evening - quite good.

Thursday 19 November
Mum went out this evening to a carol service in aid of the blind.  We played against the seconds and scored about four tries.

Friday 20 November
I am playing for the 1st XV against Caterham tomorrow.  I had a Castrol chart today addressed to Wing Commander Daventry-Prang.  Went to the pictures to see "I'm All Right Jack".

Saturday 21 November
Played against Caterham school today at Caterham.  We won 13-6.  One of their players broke his collar bone and Barry Ellis was taken to hospital.

Sunday 22 November
Have done some geography this morning and had a bonfire this afternoon. Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down in the evening.  I have sold some more raffle tickets.

Monday 23 November
Only about 5 turned up for practice this evening.  Ellis os not too badly hurt but he won't be playing again this term.

Tuesday 24 November
It turns out that I may have to hook on Saturday against the Old Boys.  I am not looking forward to it.  Mum and Dad went up to Spur Road.  I saw football on TV.

Wednesday 25 November
Played a six-a-side game of rugger with a one man scrum.  I was the scrum!.  We lost 18-12.  I helped scor a try.  Got a lift home.

Thursday 26 November
The Old Boys team for Saturday.  We have got to play against John Lloyd, Bert Treves.

Friday 27 November
Saw the Fikm Society's film "Its Great to be Young". Ted Willis came and gave a talk - he wrote this film.

Saturday 28 November
Played against the Old Boys (firsts).  We lost 9-8 after being 8-3 up at half time. (I was thoroughly beaten as hooker) Afterwards the first XV sang a song at the Old Elthamians concert.

Sunday 29 November
Have done hardly anything today - haven't felt too good - had a bang on the head yesterday.

Monday 30 November
We now have five people for our party to go Youth Hostelling in the south west next summer.  Myself, Roy Bennett, Pills (?). Jean and Mary.  We want one more girl.

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