October 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College

Thursday 1 October

Another practice this evening but my leg is hurting where I bruised it so I cannot sprint (I never could sprint anyway) Weather is still fine so Saturday's game is cancelled.

Friday 2 October
Geographical Society's film show tis evening.  We saw two films on power in Victoria, Australia and a silent film on a bridge in the USA which fell down.  Roy came in the evening.

Saturday 3 October
Very hot today (82
in October) the all time record is 84.  Have been doing geography most of the day.  Bernie is constanty making us work.

Sunday 4 October
Went up to Auntie Min's 80th birthday party. She was very pleased to see up.  Uncle Alf took us up in the car.

Monday 5 October
Did a rugger practice this evening and we seem to be working up a bit of a partnership between the front row of Collins, Daltry and myself.

Tuesday 6 October
The election is getting close (Thursday) and the election posters are beginning to filter into the form room.  I was going to practice but my leg hurt so much.

Wednesday 7 October
Didn't do a 1st XV practice tonight because my leg hurt so much but went out with Dai and David.  Saw the Film Society's "A Town Like Alice" afterwards. It was very good.

Thursday 8 October
Election Day today.  The Chronicle thinks that the tories will win.  I went to see "Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan at Sidcup.  The tories took an early lead of 5 by 11.15.

Friday 9 October
The tories are well ahead - over a hundred seats ahead of labour, liberals have 6 seats.  It still has not rained so tomorrow's match has been cancelled.

Saturday 10 October
At last it has rained and it has been raining all day.  I went up to Goddington park to see Combe beat Kings College Hospital 19-6. Mum went up to town with her friends.

Sunday 11 October
Did an economics essay today on new capital investment.  It has been raining today but the ground is still very hard.

Monday 12 October
At last we have ben able to play a proper game of 7-a-sides although the ground is still very hard but soft on top.  I have been trying out my boots.  Have had some rain.

Tuesday 13 October
Auntie Edie and Unce Jim came down this evening, first time I have seen them for a long time.  It has been fine today and the ground is still hard.

Wednesday 14 October
The house matches today were cancelled but we did a practice - 9 intervals, felt dead beat afterwards. I think the game with Rutlish will be played after all.

Thursday 15 October
We played our first proper game today.  The short passing game worked well.  The game on Saturday is definitely on (!)

Friday 16 October
Have not done much today.  The 1st XV game against Rutlish has been cancelled.  Came home about 5 o`clock and bought this red ball point pen.

Saturday 17 October
One advantage of not playing today is that I can watch the Jubilee match at Twickenham, England v. Wales and Scotland v. Ireland.  England won 26-17.

Sunday 18 October
I did an essay this morning and did some gardening this afternoon after last night's tremendous gale.

Monday 19 October
The ground is still quite hard but we did a rugger practice and had a game of 7-a-sides.  We won 9-0.

Tuesday 20 October
Circuit training today.  David has lent me an old 1954 ABC Southern which has some information I want about extinct Southern (locomotive) classes.

Wednesday 21 October
I have asked Bamford if he has any old Southern books.  He says he has a 1950 one.  Played the house match against Chalmers, we won 6-0.

Thursday 22 October
Bamford`s book is even more helpful than Dai's.  I now have most of the information I want.

Friday 23 October
Watched the lower 6th Arts play the lower 6th Science play at football after school.  It was a draw 2-2. Dave Wright, Francis Duke and Roy Bennett played.

Saturday 24 October
I played my first match for the 1st XV against CLS.  (City of London School).  We won 11-3.  It was a very good game.  All the other teams lost.

Sunday 25 October
Watched H.G. Wells `Things to Come`on TV this afternoon.  It was very good.  The Biggs and the Millers came down in the evening

Monday 26 October
It rained very hard this afternoon, so much so that our practice after school was cancelled.  A real gale seems to be on the way.

Tuesday 27 October
I did a light work out this evening in preparation for the match tomorrow.  My electric fire has come, it is quite good.

Wednesday 28 October
Played against Bedford Modern today.  We won 9-8.  It was a very close game, their scrum was much heavier than ours.

Thursday 29 October
I have started to think about next year's holiday, probably Yoiuth Hostelling in Wales with Dai, Roy, illegible, Jean, Shirley, Edna.

Friday 30 October
Half term.  We stayed after morning school to play the lower sixth at football.  We lost 4-2.

Saturday 31 October
I cycled to Crockenhill to see Crockenhill play Charlton Athletic "A".  It was a draw 3-3.  Francis Duke won the lucky programme 10/- prize.

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