September 1959

In which I finish my walking holiday in the Yorkshier Dales and go on a short works course with British Railways at Whitley Bay. I return to Eltham College for my final year.

Tuesday 1 September - Malham

We went up to Malham Cove and visited Swallow Hole. I took the bus into Skipton in the afternoon to find out the times of the trains to Macclesfield.

Wednesday 2 September - Macclesfield
John Palmer and I reached Auntie Dorothy's (White) at 16.00.  The train went through the spinning towns of Colne, Bury, Barnley, Accrington then Manchester.  We went to the Macclesfield show in the evening.

Thursday 3 September - Macclesfield
Caught the bus over to Buxton via the Cat and Fiddle Inn.  We had a look at Poole's Cavern and a basalt quarry.  We missd the bus back and had to get the diesel train via Middlewood.

Friday 4 September
I came home today on the 10.45 from Macclesfield to Euston.  Mum and Dad were pleased to see me and so was Nin.

Saturday 5 September
Have been recovering from yesterday.  I sewed the badges on my rucsack and watched Harlequins play the Wolfhounds on TV.  The Wolfhounds won 42-14.

Sunday 6 September
I have been packing for the works course which starts tomorrow.  It is a tight squeeze to get it all in.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down.  We have had our first grapes from the greenhouse.

Monday 7 September - Whitley Bay all week
I travelled up to Newcastle behind 60018.  The hotel is good and I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy my stay.

Tuesday 8 September
We visited Stocksfield station andd South Gosford carriage sheds.  The Stocksfield signal box was especially interesting.  At Gosford we were shown how the electrics work.

Wednesday 9 September
Heaton marshalling yard in the morning and Newcastle district control in the afternoon.  We went through the washing shed in the sleeping car stock of The Tynesider.

Thursday 10 September
Went to Darlington Bank Top goods station and York signal box which was amazing.  Afterwards we had a discussion with the regional chiefs at regional headquarters York.

Friday 11 September
Today we visited Dunston coal staithes and Newcastle Central station.  The staithes are a very cheap and efficient method of unloadig coal - 20 tons in two minutes.

Saturday 12 September
I travelled home to day with a stop at York to have a look at the Railway Museum.  D209 gained 8 minutes from Newcastle to York and D201 gained 10 minutes from York to Kings Cross.

Sunday 13 September
I have been doing some gaardening this morning.  In the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down,

Monday 14 September
One of our peaches fell off so we picked them.  They were very good.  David came down in the evening to tell me that he had tickets for the Proms tomorrow.

Tuesday 15 September
Went to the Proms (Albert Hall) with John and Dai. Midsummer Nights Dream overture; Italian symphony, Mendelsohn; Brahms violin concerto; Brahms 3rd symphony.

Wednesday 16 September
Back to school with a new Headmaster.  My first impression is that he is a bit of a b--. I didn't feel too good so I didn't do a rugger practice.

Thursday 17 September
OTT today as the Head didn't turn up for our period, we had 5 PSs followed by music.  Did a rugger practise and felt really ill afterwards.

Friday 18 September
I didn't go to school today because my stomach felt worse.  Mum thinks it is a germ that is going round.  I got up for tea.

Saturday 19 September
I got a new record today. Peter Sellers "Best of Sellers", 10" LP.  I watched the Biggin Hill Air Show on TV.  I would have gone up there if I had been well.

Sunday 20 September
Today we have had ten unexpected visitors.  Mrs. Freeman and her brother and sister-in-law, Auntie Win and Uncle Alf, Auntie Vi, Auntie Pat, Uncle Reg, Uncle George and Richard.

Monday 21 September
Back to school today after one day's absence.  I found out that I am going to an economics conference at the LSE tomorrow.  Have phoned up Paul Thompson to find out the times of trains.

Tuesday 22 September
Went to the Economics Conference at the LSE in Houghton Street.  We heard talks about underdeveloped countries, defense and the pound. I went round the Discovery during lunch break.

Wednesday 23 September
Back to school today after another day's absence to find that the work has been piling up - 5 essays and two maths preps.  Did a practice and played touch rugger.

Thursday 24 September
Did a practice and played Joe's (Linscott) kicking game, also some scrumming practice in the machine.  It looks like I shall be in the 1st XV.

Friday 25 September
I have a bit of a cold today.  Tomorrow's match against Haberdashers has been cancelled and we are going to practice in the morning.  The ground is still very hard.

Saturday 26 September
It started raining coming to school but it didn't last long. I went to David's and played my new record and then went on to Auntie Vi's.  I got a lift home from Uncle Reg.

Sunday 27 September
My cold has broken good and proper.  In the morning I did an essay on rent.  In the evening Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down.

Monday 28 September
Did a rugger pracrice this evening - interval running and scrumming practice.  It seems certain that I will be in the 1st XV.

Tuesday 29 September
I did a circuit after school, felt pretty worn out afterwards though. Mum and Dad went up to Auntie Edie's in the evening.

Wednesday 30 September
Another practice this evening.  They certainly believe in making you fit.  Have been doing some scrumming practice with Collins, Daltry and Ellis.

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