July 1959

In which I start my summer holidays and start working at the Lullingstone Roman Villa

Wednesday 1 July
Eve of the exams.  Have been revising most of the day, even Bernie did not try to make me do any work.

Thursday 2 July
Pure Maths first exam.  It was a stinker.  I don't know what I have done but I think I have got about 15%.

Friday 3 July
Economics exam.  It was difficult to finish the paper because we had 5 questions in three hours.  Scripture in the afternoon.  I wrote on Nietsche.  Went swimming afterwards.

Saturday 4 July
A really scorching hot day today.  Have put a new inner tube on my bike.  Wimbledon finals day and the test match was won.

Sunday 5 July
Even hotter today - must have been in the hundreds.  I have tried to do some revision for geography but it is too hot.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down this evening.

Monday 6 July
Has two results today, economics 44%, maths 49%  better than I had expected.  Geography in the afternoon.  It wasn't too bad but I don't know how I have done.

Tuesday 7 July
Current affairs this morning, it was very bad.  This evening the Biggs brought down Tony the son of the Spanish consul in Paris, he is staying here for ten weeks.

Wednesday 8 July
Had a very lazy day today.  Bernie was doing the upper 5th survey and Musgrave was at a cricket match.  I only had two periods. Went swimming twice today - very hot.

Thursday 9 July
The heat wave was broken today when we had a little rain this afternoon.  Still warm enough to go swimming.

Friday 10 July
Still haven't done much today.  Bernie was away again and so was Musgrave.  Went to the Geographical Society's film show on Holland and Nelgium.

Saturday 11 July
Terra Firma Society outing to Polhill quarry and lime kilns.  We then went to the Greatness clay pit and then on to a new sand pit at Dunton Green close to the railway.

Sunday 12 July
Still quite warm today but it rained quite heavily in the afternoon.  We repaired the greenhouse guttering and filled up the tank.  Auintie Win and Uncle Alf came down in the evening.

Monday 13 July
Heard my geography results - 55% which means that I have had "A" level passes in all three subjects.  We are preparing for the TFS exhibition on Saturday.

Tuesday 14 July
Had the afternoon off for the swimming sports.  I went to see about my fruit picking job.  There will be one ready for me probably in August.

Wednesday 15 July
Dad is getting on quite well with the drawers to the desk for the 7" records.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down, they are going to take Mum and Dad out next Wednesday.

Thursday 16 July
School versus staff cricket match.  When I left the school were 200 for 4.  Went in swimming.  Chris won the senior tennis championship 8-6, 6-2.

Friday 17 July
Went to the SCM conference at Eltham Mill school for girls.  It was a waste of time really.  Afterwards I went back to school to help lay out the TFS exhibition.

Saturday 18 July
Speech day.  I am writing this in the marquee.  It is very boring.  The TFS exhibition in room 18 went off quite well although some people did not believe all of it.

Sunday 19 July
Went up to Richards this afternoon.  It was a marvellous day and we were watching the Daily Mail air race competitors landing in the jets and helicopters.  The prize goes for the competitor who goes from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe in the fastest time.

Monday 20 July
The police gave a road safety demonstration,  It was very good and demanded a great deal of teamwork.  I attended a concert given by the Music Club in the chapel.

Tuesday 21 July
Mum went by coach to Eastbourne today so I had to get my own tea.  Mum did not get back until 10.00 pm.

Wednesday 22 July
Somebody has whipped Musgrave's trousers and he is quite wild about it.  Unfortunately we are number one suspects.  Mum went out with Auntie Win and Uncle Alf.

Thursday 23 July
Last day of term.  I am on the Ist XV practice list.  Taff, Nosmi? Enoch and Sooty have all left.  Quite an upheaval next term.

Friday 24 July
I went for a 20 mile hike with Dave Waywell, John Palmer and Roy Bennett. We went from Green Street Green via Downe, Cudham, Chevening and Chipstead to Sevenoaks.  I have one blister on my heel.

Saturday 25 July
Have been watching the test match on television and copying up my economics notes into a better notebook.  India need 547 runs to win.

Sunday 26 July
Uncle Reg rang up midday asking if we wanted to go fishing.  We went down to Horton Kirby fishing grounds on a lake which had been a gravel working.

Monday 27 July
I have again been copying up my economics notes and watching the test match, they are 234 for 4.  I went for a cross country around Goddington Park in training for the rugger season.

Tuesday 28 July
I went down to the dig at Lullingstone today for the first time this year.  It has been showery so we have not been able to get a great deal done.  There were nine boys from Eltham there.

Wednesday 29 July
Its been showery today and we had a very heavy thunderstorm around midday just as Dad came home.  I cycled up to Mrs. Mill's in the afternoon to deliver some agendas.

Thursday 30 July
Went up to the Science Museum with Mum, Auntie Lilly, Peter and Geoffrey. I have bought the OS maps for our holiday.  Did another cross country

Friday 31 July
At the dig today Sir Mortimer Wheeler was down taking some film for a television series. The Biggs came down in the evening to ask me if I would like to go with them to London Airport on Sunday. 

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