June 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.

Monday 1 June
Mum's Cancer Campaign equipment came today, 25 collecting tins, 2,000 emblems etc.  I wish her luck - she'll need it. I have written to Auntie Dorothy asking her if she will have me for one night.

Tuesday 2 June
Mum and Dad went up to Auntie Edie's this evening.  I listened to the second half of the Messiah on gramophone records which Mr. Champion gave me. (Sir Malcolm Sergeant and the Liverpool Philharmonic - 19 78 records - 38 sides.)

Wednesday 3 June
I had my second polio jab today.  It was administered by Doctor Scott.  She certainly wasn't gentle.  "Put your arm on your hip. Press" JAB.

Thursday 4 June
The proof of the whole school photo has come out.  I don't look too bad.

Friday 5 June
Half term.  I had the afternoon off and watched the test match against India.  We were all out for 422. India 93 for 3 after having batted for most of the day.

Saturday 6 June
Terra Firma Society visit to Tilmanstone Colliery.  We went 7 miles underground and 1500 feet down.  We were at the coal face and our guide had to leave us for a short while.  We turned off all of our lights.  I have never seen anything so black as that.  We were filthy when we came up an had a shower at the pit head.  We spent the afternoon in Dover.

Sunday 7 June
Lovely day today.  I did an essay in the morning and used the hose to damp down around the dry dusty earth.

Monday 8 June
I went on a practice hike today of about 16 miles.  We went from Sevenoaks through Ide Hill, Toys Hill and Crockham Hill to Westerham.  The new lines came into use at St, Mary Cray today. England won the first test match by an innings and 59 runs.

Tuesday 9 June
I went to David's today.  At St. Mary Cray tday I saw the first official electric train to Ramsgate.  It had a big headboard.  It has been raining most of the day. I had a lift home.

Wednesday 10 June
Back to school today.  My photos have been developed.  They all came out but are not all clear because of the different film I was using.

Thursday 11 June
Dad went to see Uncle Cyril at Farnborough Hospital.  Uncle Reg brought him back with Auntie Addie and Auntie Joyce who I haven't seen for a long time.

Friday 12 June
The water in the swimming bath was very warm - just like bath water.  We took a football bladder in and had a fine time.

Saturday 13 June
Great news today.  Dad is giving me a raise from 2/6 to 5/- a week.  It was a wonderful hot day today. I have started some revision at last.

Sunday 14 June
I had a good idea today.  Mum wouldn't let me use the kitchen tap for the hose so I filled up the bath and siphoned out the water.  Went to the Champions for tea.  There have been two fires at Orpington Hospital within three days.  Mr. Ogden, the Hospital Secretary, is very worried.

Monday 15 June
I heard about the works course today.  If it is held I will be going but there weren't many applications so it may be cancelled. Regular electric train service to Ramsgate started today.  The Bristolian, hauled by no. D805 "Benbow", completef the journey at 75 mph, a record.

Tuesday 16 June
A lovely hot day today.  I went for a walk this evening with Jean and the dogs. I saw "Whacko" on TV next door, the first time I have seen TV for a long time.

Wednesday 17 June
Colin Bishop's birthday today.  We bumped him by tying him up so that he did not struggle.  Then we carried him out on to the front field and left him surrounded by juniors.

Thursday 18 June
Second test match today.  India were all out for 167 but England did not do too much better being 60 for 3 at the close of play.

Friday 19 June
TFS film show.  Two films were shown, one on salt and one on limestone.  We had a good attendance.  The "O" level geography paper which Jean took was easy.

Saturday 20 June
I heard the end of the second test match.  We won by eight wickets.  Auntie Edie and Uncle Jim came down, they had a lovely time in Jersey.

Sunday 21 June
I did an economics essay this morning on the balance of payments and convertibility. Paul has mended out television set - it was the vertical hold.

Monday 22 June
First day of Wimbledon today.  It was on TV but I didn't see any of it.  Spon-Smith has been to the Head to protest about the noise in PS.

Tuesday 23 June
I have borrowed 1984 by George Orwell in exchange for Animal Farm from Peter Gregory.  It is a very good book but I hope that it never happens.

Wednesday 24 June
At last - no talking at all in the library.  I'll be able to get some work done now.  The Biggs came down in the evening.

Thursday 25 June
We had some rain both this morning and this evening but I don't know if it has broken the drought.  It is the first rain since half term Tuesday.

Friday 26 June
Geographical Society's film show on the history of the margarine industry and copper mining in Rhodesia.  It has rained quite a bit.

Saturday 27 June
Dad is off today, we've started work on my desk and record cabinet on the other side of the chimney breast.  The framework is nearly completed.

Sunday 28 June
Carried on with the desk this morning, all we need now is the hardboard to do the panels, shelves etc.  I did some revision in the afternoon - exams on Thursday.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down.

Monday 29 June
I am definitely going on the works course at York, I heard this morning.  Went swimming after school and have started to learn how to dive.  It isn't so bad really.

Tuesday 30 June
Exams starting very soon, am swotting like mad in my 4 PSs today.  Mum and Dad went up to Auntie Edies in the evening which made it nice and quiet.

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