May 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.

Friday 1 May
Went in swimming today.  Not as cold as last week. Peter Gregory cycled to Orpington to collect his "Pat Boone" record which I had ordered for him.  It wasn't there.

Saturday 2 May
Went up to Oaklands for the whole day.  The railway is coming on.  They have got the country and the double lines working.

Sunday 3 May
Went next door for Mrs Ogden's birthday party.  It developed into a rough house.  I had an apple pie bed in the end.

Monday 4 May
I brought Peter Gregory's record to school today.  It arrived safely although it got quite a bumping in my saddlebag.

Tuesday 5 May
Auntie Edie and Uncle Jim came down today.  The first time they have been here for a long time.

Wednesday 6 May
Had my first polio injection today.  There was a very big ? Dad didn't come home until late.  He had been to Wembly to see England draw with Italy 2-2.

Thursday 7 May
Went to the house matches this evening.  Moffatt v Carey.  Moffatt 179 for 5. Carey fielded badly and there were many overthrows.

Friday 8 May
The water today was just right I went to the travel agents to inquire about fares.  They thought I was going to give them my business but I have already booked up at Orpington (station).  Richard and co. came down this evening.

Saturday 9 May
A really fine day. I went on the Terra Firma Society outing to Oldbury Camp and a disused clay quarry and brickworks in Borough Green.  We heard the racing cars at Brands Hatch.

Sunday 10 May
We were having our breakfast today when Mum's deck chair gave way and she scalded herself with a cup of tea.  Not badly fortunately.  A really wonderful sunny day.

Monday 11 May
At last the wardrobe is very nearly finished.  We cannot complete it until the fireplace has been taken out.  Carey drew the house match.

Tuesday 12 May
Mum went to Tunbridge Wells for the miniature cakeshop competition. They got 87%.  I don't know if this is good or bad. We rushed round to get the wardrobe ready for Mrs Mills but she didn't come.

Wednesday 13 May
Another marvellous day - it has been hot for the last week and there is hope it will continue till the weekend.  Mum and dad went up to Spur Road in the evening.

Thursday 14 May
Watched the junior house match this evening.  Carey beat Chalmers by about 40 runs. Jones and Hughesdon were umpires.

Friday 15 May
Mum went out with Auntie Win and Uncle Alf to Dymchurch and Sandwich.  TFS film show on nickel and diamond mining.  Attended by about 40 people. Very good, things are looking up.

Saturday 16 May
Dad's day off.  I helped him take out the fireplace in my room.  After that I went to St. Mary Cray station to bid farewell to the Ramsgate steam services.  E1 No. 31019  came up light.  The modernization of St. Mary Cray station is nearly finished.

King Arthur class 4-6-0 hurries an up train down the bank just before St. Mary Cray.
Class D1 4-4-0 No. 31749 light engine up towards St.Mary Cray.
The date given in my photograph album is 23 May 1959 but this is not recorded in my written diary.
Sunday 17 May
I cycled up to Richards to get a game for the WI party.Auntie Doris and Uncle Albert came down and we went for a walk around Cockmannings with the dogs in the afternoon.  I have a new EP - Holst The Planets, Mars and Jupiter.

Monday 18 May
Fancy having to come to school on Whit Monday.  The raods were deserted and it seemed we were the only people going to work.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down.

Tuesday 19 May
Cycled home quickly today to get my hair cut.

Wednesday 20 May
My brake cable broke as I was going down the bank today and I had to come by bus.  After school I went to the travel agents to get the rail tickets to Carlisle. Everything is now settled.

Thursday 21 May
I had to bus to school again today.  It started to rain about 9 o'clock and it rained so hard that the house cricket matches had to be cancelled.

Friday 22 May
I went to the Geographical Society's lecture on Sweden by a lecturer at London University.  This will be my last day on the bus.  I hope this evening to have mended the brake.

Saturday 23 May
This morning I met John. He came home to dinner and in the afternoon we went to Oaklands.  Richard came down in the evening.

Sunday 24 May
We have been working on my room all day.  We have done the ceiling, all the undercoating and the pelmet.  Mr. Champion plastered over the fireplace.

Monday 25 May
Cycled once again to school today.  Dad came home with the news that he may be changing his job.  That will be a shock for Mr. Harris.  Mum went to Scotney Castle.

Tuesday 26 May
Dad took the day off to do the wallpapering and painting.  Most of the room is now finished.  This morning the Head stopped all card playing. There have been many sixth formers wandering around looking lost.

Wednesday 27 May
Dad went for an interview today.  Thay may have a job for him in about 3 months time. They seem interested. Apart from a few finishing touches the room is finished.

Thursday 28 May
I watched the house matches this evening.  Chalmers declared at 107 for 7 leaving Carey to get 108 in 55 minutes.  At the end of play we had scored 104 for 3.

Friday 29 May
My birthday.  Apart from a record token from Richard and an annual from David I have had mainly money.  Went swimming today - good job the others didn't find out.

Saturday 30 May
I cycled down  to St. Mary Cray station only to find out that all trains were cancelled because of engineering work.  Went up the town and bought my curtain material.

Sunday 31 May
Finished off the decorating today.  This afternoon I had the hose out for the first time this year.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down

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