March 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.
Sunday 1 March
Mum's birthday today.  I gave her some notepaper and envelopes.  The family came down in the afternoon for a party.  I won 4/6d at pontoon.

Monday 2 March
This evening I watched Carey Middles beat Livingstone 21-0. Start got a wonderful conversion from the touchline.  Raining this evening.

Tuesday 3 March
After several days of hot sunshine it has been railing today.  Carey won the middle cross country.  We came in 1, 2, 4, and 6.

Wednesday 4 March
Had a geography test today about the coastline.  A post card came today from Combe telling me that I am playing for the C XV at Bexley v. O Erithians.

Thursday 5 March
I have sent off bookings for the first four hostels,  Richard came down in the evening. When he left it was raining hard.

Friday 6 March
John is going to get me tickets for the school opera, "The Pirates of Penzance".  We had the TFS film show on iron mining after school today.

Saturday 7 March
I played for Westcombe park C against Old Erithians C at Bexley.  We lost 22-3.  it developed into a fight.  I got a lift home in a Wolsley Hornet Special.

Sunday 8 March
It is a horrible morning with intermittent drizzle.  We are going to Mrs. Champions - to her and Mum's birthday party this evening.

Monday 9 March
Have had replies from Carlisle, Once Brewed and Dirt Pot hostels, all OK.  David is back today.  This evening I collected an EP for Pete Gregory - Buddy Holly.

Tuesday 10 March
Have had a reply from Allendale hostel - OK. David has sent his off.  I am playing for Comb ex B on Saturday against Old Dartfordonians.

Wednesday 11 March
Mum went up to the Horticultural Society's Orchid show.  Roy Bennett is coming with us on our holiday from Langdon onwards.

Thursday 12 March
Dave Waywell is also coming which brings the number up to five.

Friday 13 March
David has had replies from Aysgarth and Kettlewell hostels.  Both OK.  This evening I watched the Geography Society's film.

Saturday 14 March
Played for Comb ex B against Old Oartfordians at Bexley, lost 3-5.  I got a hectic lift there.  OK at Malham.

Sunday 15 March
Showers all morning but it cleared up in the afternoon.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down.

Monday 16 March
John is away today - probably got the flu.  I have heard that Combe first XV lost on Saturday to Maidstone 11-0, their second defeat this season.

Tuesday 17 March
Junior cross country today.  This evening it was very cold with a north wind.  Mum went as a WI delegate to Tunbridge Wells today.

Wednesday 18 March
Our hoax has succeeded.  The Mirror printed a picture with a letter accompanying a knuckle duster which Mike Fulford sent up in response to their appeal.

Thursday 19 March
This evening we had the team photos.  It was bitterly cold although the sun did come out occasionally.

Eltham College 2nd XV 1958-9
Back - B.W. Grace: Collins: Calderwood: Boyd: Woodley: Alchin: Freeman: GAD Calderwood
Middle - Pong: Rys-Tyler: Becher: Pinkham (c): Plimsol: Bicknell: Churcher
Front - Ellis: Doeg
P10 W7 L3

Friday 20 March
Raining this morning but it soon stopped.  I tried my hand at javelin and shot.  Not very good.

Saturday 21 March
Did an economics essay this morning about the supply of rubber.  Very easy.  Watched the England v Scotland rugger match in the afternoon.  Score 3-3/

Sunday 22 March
Did some gardening in the morning then started to unravel a tangle of book turners for the hospital.

Monday 23 March
This afternoon we watched the prefects v. school football match.  School won 12-2.

Tuesday 24 March
Last day of term.  As Musgrave is away I have not had any lessons today. After school we went to Bromley Grammar to play them at football.  We won 4-3.

Wednesday 25 March
Went up to London with John to visit the Geological Museum.  Afterwards we went to the YHA shop near Charing Cross to buy a rucsack. Saw D5004 and D5007 at Hither Green and D5301 and D5302 at Kings Cross.

Thursday 26 March
I have reserved our seats on the Royal Scot (I hope) at the travel agents.  At last I have written off to chemical firms inquiring about gypsum.

Good Friday 27 March
Dad was home today, it has been overcast most of the day except for some sunny intervals in the afternoon.  Have done some gardening.

Saturday 28 March
A very sunny day today.  We have cut Nin's claws.  She didn't like it. Watched Oxford win the boat race by 6 lengths on television.

Sunday 29 March
Went up to see Auntie Doris' new house at Leytonstone. It rained most of the day. Saw D5000 at Hither Green.

Monday 30 March
We have made a start at building in a wardrobe into the recess in my bedroom.  The drill makes it very easy.

Tuesday 31 March
Have been working on the wardrobe all day slotting in supports for the shelves.

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