April 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.

Wednesday 1 April
Took a book out of the Library, "How to Play Contract Bridge".  Have been continuing with the wardrobe doors.

Thursday 2 April
Tomorrow I am going to stay for a little while at Richard's.  On Saturday we are going to the Model Railway Exhibition.  Have been doing some wallpaper stripping.

Friday 3 April
Walked up to Richards to stay the weekend.  The twins were there. The sun has been lovely all day.  Rex nearly didn't let me get in bed.

Saturday 4 April
Went to the Model Railway Exhibition from Auntie Pat's with Richard and Uncle Reg.  I am staying over the night.  Auntie Vi and Uncle George came up to Oaklands in the evening.  France won the rugby championship by beating Wales 11-3.

Sunday 5 April
Stayed the day at Oaklands and came home again this evening (I walked) Have been playing with the trains - only a small part is working.

Monday 6 April
Went out by bike with Rob, Terry Wall, Peter Holgate and some members of Rob's club for a cycle ride round meopham, Wrothem and Otford.  We covered about 50 miles,  Some rain.

Tuesday 7 April
Mum had the sweep today.  What a carry on! I had a card from Combe today.  I am playing for the Junior Colts on Saturday against Sidcup C XV.

Wednesday 8 April
Helped Dad carry on with the cabinet doors - it is difficult because the walls are not square.  Many April showers.

Thursday 9 April.
The showers continue - can't work very much outdoors.  Went up to Auntie Edies in the evening.  First time I've seen them since Mum's birthday.

Friday 10 April
Mr. and Mrs. Champion came in this evening to watch the boxing.  One man was knocked out cold.

Saturday 11 April
Played for Comb Junior Colts against Sidcup B XV.  It should have been Sidcup C XV but there was a mixup with the times.  We lost naturally 3-8.

Sunday 12 April
Went with Dad to the seven-a-sides tournament at Woolwich Poly.  Askeans beat Comb in the final 6-3.  Elthamians did well being knocked out by Combe in the semi-finals.

Monday 13 April
A wonderful sunny day.  This afternoon I went to the Library.  Mum left her shopping bag at the WI whist drive.

Tuesday 14 April
I retrieved Mum's bag at the second attempt.  At last I have started on my essay on gypsum for our science period although I am still waiting for ICI to reply.

Wednesday 15 April
Had a bad time with the wardrobe.  Things just wouldn't fit because the walls aren't square.  I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be finished.

Thursday 16 April
Went to the factory Equipment Exhibition with Peter at Earls Court.  It was interesting though tiring.

Friday 17 April
At last I have had a reply from ICI Billingham. They have sent me a booklet on sulphuric acid production from anhydrite.

Saturday 18 April
Rotten weather - it rained continuously throughout the morning.  In the afternoon we watched the amateur cup final Crooke Town beat Barnet 3-2.

Sunday 19 April
British Summer Time!! A cold dull day with traces of frost.  Our poor peaches.  Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down in the evening.

Monday 20 April
Dad's birthday. I bought him a garden sprayer.  I've ordered a record of the Karelia suite by Sibelius.

Tuesday 21 April
My record came in today.  Quite good.  Went over to John's to tea.  David was there. We played Monopoly.

Wednesday 22 April
At last I have finished my work on gypsum.  I hope it is alright.  Richard is coming down this evening.  Back to school tomorrow.

Thursday 23 April
First day back at school, didn't feel much like it.  Had a terriffic lot to bring back to school this morning - made my arms ache.

Friday 24 April
Went swimming today - or tried to.  It was so cold that I could only stay in long enough to do two lengths. I cycled to school today for the first time this year.

Saturday 25 April
We started out on a TFS outing but gave up at Polhill because of the rain.  It rained all day. I started to paint the wardrobe.

Sunday 26 April
We have finished to woodwork for the wardrobe and I continued painting.  Quite nice and sunny again today.

Monday 27 April
I have been looking through the list of short works courses.  I think I shall go on one.  I'll have to read out my notes on gypsum soon.

Tuesday 28 April
I have applied for a short works course, preferably British Railways.  I will have to go in the North Eastern because of the dates - our holiday is definitely settled.

Wednesday 29 April
Auntie Win and Uncle Alf came down this evening to bring down a couple of valves from the television which have been tested (at Aquilla?).

Thursday 30 April
I saw the youth employment officer today.  He did not suggest much except BP.

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