February 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.
Sunday 1 February
Quite a nice bright day today.  I worked in the garden in the morning and in the afternoon we took the dogs on a walk around Kevington.

Monday 2 February
Back to school today - back to normal again.  I made a grand slam in spades after school playing with Bishop against Smith and Grenyer.

Tuesday 3 February
After school Bishop and I beat Gregory and Holgate 685-25 at bridge.  Bishop made five clubs with one overtrick.

Wednesday 4 February
The house match against Livingstone was cancelled because of the flu.  Fulham knocked out of the cup by Birmingham 3-2 in a cup replay.

Thursday 5 February
I played bridge with Butwick against Bishop and Holgate.  Holgate bid two and went three down.  We won the last eight tricks.

Friday 6 February
Did a cross country - middle then junior.  This afternoon we had a talk by a man from the Institute of Oriental Studies on "Post War Japan", very boring.

Saturday 7 February
Went up to Bromley to buy myself a suit and a pair of boots for my holiday.  Dick Newport came round to see if I could play - I had to refuse.  Scotland beat Wales 6-5 at Murrayfield.

Sunday 8 February
Did an economics essay in the morning about the price mechanism.  In the afternoon I did some gardening in my new boots.  Very comfy.

Monday 9 February
Watched the junior house match Carey vs. Chalmers.  Carey did well and was unlucky to draw 0-0. This evening I went for a run in my boots.

Tuesday 10 February
Write played gregory at chess and mated him in six moves.  We did a practice after school - interval running.

Wednesday 11 February
We had some slight rain and drizzle today which is the first for over a fortnight. I have written a letter to Eastern to find out about trains to Riccarton Junction. Saturday's match has been changed to away.

Thursday 12 February
Practice match 1sts and 2nds mixed. I hooked for school against house.  We won 9-6. One of their tries was scored because of my foot up.  I have sent away for three pairs of socks for holiday.

Friday 13 February
Did a cross country with Smith, John and Ian.  In the evening we saw theFilm Society's "From Here to Eternity."

Saturday 14 February
2nd XV match at Colfes.  We won 15-3 after being 15-0 up in ten minutes.  Harry Pong was taken off with concussion.  Auntie Vi and Uncle George came down in the evening.

Sunday 15 February
This morning I did an essay on Demand.  This afternoon I wore my boots in the gardem.  England beat Ireland 3-0. The station nameboard Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch was removed to Oxford Road Manchester by students.

Monday 16 February
David brought me an application for Westcombe Park RFC.  After school we watched the Carey middles draw with Chalmers.

Tuesday 17 February
Uproar first period - Gapps in charge.  Coming home the fog came down very quickly within30 minutes.  This evening I worked on Cool Temperature Climates and I am now up to date.

Wednesday 18 February
Quite foggy this morning.  My order for socks has been acknowledged.  The new membership cards for the TFS have been delivered.

Thursday 19 February
Very foggy this morning, the bus was so late that it was full up. Sod (Davies) played one of the Borodin symphonies in music.

Friday 20 February
Half term.  I did a cross country this morning. v. cold.  TFS outing to the Geological Museum, very interesting. About 9 o'clock Mrs. Ogden told us that there was a hostile satellite over London.

Saturday 21 February
The satellite scare was over an ITV play.  This afternoon I played my first game for Westcombe Park junior colts versus Old Erithians B XV.  We won 9-8, I scored a try.

Sunday 22 February
It rained for the first time in 4 weeks yesterday and it has been gloomy all day today,

Monday 23 February
Half term.  At last I have finished the "Coastlines" after 3 months.  This evening the Intermezzo from Sibelius "Kareilia Suite" is being broadcast at 1015.  I hope I can stay up to hear it.

Tuesday 24 February
This evening I went with John to the festival Hall to a concert by the Bach Choir.  The queen was there and so was Bob Boothsby.  Elgar - Cockaigne overture, Lambert - Rio Grande, Vaughan Williams - Sea Symphony.

Wednesday 25 February
Bernie promised us a geography test but it didn't come off.  This evening we had a practice for the Bromley match.  I can't keep the ball down.

Thursday 26 February
David told me this morning that I have been accepted as a member of the Westcombe Park RFC.  I wonder what Derek will say.

Friday 27 February
I tripped over this morning doing a cross country.  One of my toes was badly cut.  This evening we saw the Film Society's film "10 Days to Die" about Hitler.

Saturday 28 February
This morning 'Combe played Manchester Toc H and won 17-8.  This afternoon I saw England play France on the television (3-3).  Smith played quite well. (Scotland 3 Ireland 8)

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