January 1959

In which I continue at Eltham College.
Thursday 1 January
At last I got round to oiling my bike, it needed it.  In the afternoon we took the dogs out round Kevington.  They came back filthy.

Friday 2 January
Today I went up to Orpington station for about an hour.  The wind was cold and biting.

Saturday 3 January
Today I went to see Westcombe park beat Old Tiffinians 12-6.  The Dunstan's ref was there.  In the evening we went to Richard's party and stayed the night. Didn't get to bed until 3.30 am. I won the bean prize.

Sunday 4 January
Didn't get up until 11 am.  I got to Foxbury only to find out that the OE 7 asides has been cancelled.  Today we have had this winter's first trace of snow.

Monday 5 January
There was a thick frost which lasted until midday. This afternoon I cycled up to Richard's to collect my jumper which I had forgotten. Raining hard this evening.

Tuesday 6 January
It has been raining hard all day.  I phoned up Doug Edmonds to find out that the OE Colts XV match against O. Brockleans had been cancelled.

Wednesday 7 January
Sleet and snow this morning, i took the two dogs up toGoddington park.  This afternoon I helped Dad make a new wardrobe for my room.

Thursday 8 January
This morning I went up to the dentists for a check up.  He drilled a small cavity there and then.This evening the Biggs came over with Auntie Addie (Dad's aunt) who I have never seen before.

Friday 9 January
There have been slight traces of snow all day and temperatures have been below freezing all day.  This evening we went with the Biggs to Auntie Vi's for her birthday party.

Saturday 10 January
Dad off today.  Very cold with frost and cold winds. The C XV match with beckenham was cancelled.  John asked me over to tea and I stayed late p[laying Monopoly. I was broke at the end.  France beat Scotland 9-0.

Sunday 11 January
Still very cold.  The ground has been frozen all day. This afternoon it started snowing and it has been snowing intermittently through the evening

Monday 12 January
In spite of the snow and ice I went up to Stratford and Bethnall Green with David Rhys-Tyler. Among the locomotives we saw were Nos. D203, D5500, D5518  and D8401.

2-6-0 No. 43104 minus boiler and motion at Stratford.

Tuesday 13 January 
Back to school.  We have started to get up a party to go to Youth Hostelling in Yorkshire.  So far we have asked Francis and Chris.

Wednesday 14 January
Very foggy all day - chaos on the roads and railways.  Played table tennis at the pavilion after school. Beat Gregory 23-21.  Lost to Butwick 19-21, 16-21.

Thursday 15 January
The fog had lifted this morning but there was still a thick frost which had gone by midday.  We have asked Julian to come Youth Hostelling with us.

Friday 16 January
Unfortunately both Julian and Chris are unable to come but Ian thinks he may be as does Jones. I did a cross-country today.  This evening I listened to the Emperor piano concerto.

Saturday 17 January
We went up to Auntie Win's and played Lotto and other games. I lost 3d.  England lost to Wales 5-0 in a mud bath.  S.R. Smith played well in appalling.
conditions. The hard ground cause chaos in sport.  Only four of Saturday's first division games were played.

Sunday 18 January
I am writing this in bed drinking rum and milk.  I have had a sore throat all day.  The rum's quite good but the milk - ugh!

Monday 19 January
I have been in bed all day today (except for Quatermass!) with a sore throat.  Its been very boring.  At last I have completed the pocket solitaire.

Tuesday 20 January
Still in bed - still bored. I was going to get up after dinner until "nurse" Ogden came in.  As a result I couldn't get up until 7 o'clock.

Wednesday 21 January
Still CB.  Been reading a lot especially the book 'British Constitution".  Got up midday and helped Dad bottle his wine.

Thursday 22 January
I hope to be going back tomorrow.  The man came about the television this afternoon.  It may have to be taken away.

Friday 23 January
Back to school again.  At 4 o'clock I helped at the Colonel's (Mead) lecture to the TFS (Terra Firma Society).  I had just cleared up in time for the Film Society's film "Private's Progress".  A busy day.

Saturday 24 January
There has been a heavy frost all day. its been hard to get Nin (the cat) to go out.  Both Worcester and Tooting and Mitcham were knocked out of the FA cup although Colchester drew with Arsenal.

Sunday 25 January
Another cold day of heavy frost although some did go at midday. It looked quite peculiar this evening, looking out of the window with a white frost and a full moon.

Monday 26 January
12 boys out of the 26 in my form were away because of the flu.  Spon-Smith went home at dinner time.  A frosty foggy day with some sun.

Tuesday 27 January
Didn't feel too good this morning but I went to school, still 13 away.  The sun was quite hot at midday.  I hurried home and was un bed by 6.30.  I don't feel too good.

Wednesday 28 January
I was kept at home again today for the second time this term.  I think I have the flu.  The Biggs came over at about 8.30 this evening.

Thursday 29 January
Felt very under the weather this morning.  There has been fog today.  Dad didn't get home until 7 o'clock.  At midday I could just see the shed.  Heard the Italian symphony.

Friday 30 January
I stayed in bed all day again today - am really browned off.  I was just allowed to come down for the evening.

Saturday 31 January
Dad's day off.  I got up for dinner.  This afternoon we saw Leeds beat Barrow 18-15 on the tele, rugby league.  This evening Mum and Dad went to the Woods.

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