The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Smiths Falls Roundhouse Burned 24 August 1893.

Ottawa Journal 24 August 1893

CPR Roundhouse Burned
Smiths Falls 24 August.  About three o'clock this morning a disastrous fire broke out in the C.P.R. roundhouse here.  From the first it looked serious and almost before the citizens or firemen could reach the spot it seemed impossible to check it. It raged fiercely for two or three hours but by an almost heroic effort one division of the building was saved.
There were six engines, including a mogul, in the burned portion and four of these were almost a total wreck, while the other two are pretty badly disabled.  The origin of the fire is a complete mystery but an investigation is being held today.  The loss on the engines, building and tools is estimated at about $50,000.

Ottawa Citizen 29 Auguat 1893

The loss caused by the fire at the C.P.R. roundhouse at Smith;s Falls was $60,000. Six of the company's best engines, including three moguls, were destroyed as well as half the roundhouse.

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