The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Prescott Roundhouse Burned 12 April 1909

Ottawa Journal 12 April 1909

Prescott.  The new C.P.R. round house took fire at three o'clock this morning.  The firemen were promptly on hand but could not save the building.  They got one passenger engine out, but two other engines were burned.  Loss about $12,000 partly insured.

Ottawa Citizen 13 April 1909

Prescott, April 12.- Damage to the extent of $15,000 was caused by a disastrous fire which broke out here at 3.10 this morning and totally destroyed the C.P.R. roundhouse, locomotive foreman's office and two engines which were in the roundhouse. Only heroic efforts on the part of the local fire brigade kept the flames from spreading to several sidings full of freight and passenger cars which were nearby.
The origin of the fire, which started shortly after 3 o'clock this morning, is unknown, but the probabilities are that it caught from the firebox of one of the locomotives. When the blaze was first noticed it had gained considerable headway on the roundhouse which contained three engines, only one of which the firemen were able to run out to safety. The other two were totally dismantled. The roundhouse which was a frame building, burned like tinder and inside of an hour was entirely consumed. The fire was under control at 4 o'clock.
The office and workshop of the locomotive foreman and staff, which adjoined the roundhouse, were also destroyed, along with some papers and records in the office. About 2,500 feet of hose belonging to the C.P.R. which was in this bulding was consumed.
Local officials of the C.P.R. estimate the loss at $15,000. The insurance is not known here.
The town is well provided with fire-fighting equipment, having two steamers and a large amount of hose. The brigade did excellent work this morning in checking the progress of the fire.

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