The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Perth Roundhouse Destroyed by Fire  21 November 1926.

Ottawa Journal 22 November 1926


PERTH,Nov. 21. - A fire which caused considerable loss to the C.P.R. occurred here this morning when the building in which the passenger engine for the Perth local is housed became a total loss. The building is of stone and the interior of wood construction. The origin of the fire is not definitely known as yet. The alarm was sounded first by the continuous blowing of the engine whistle and was followed by the whistles of the factories close by. The fire brigade responded promptly but by the time they arrived little could be done towards saving the building and all efforts were turned towards trying to get the engine out of danger of blowing up as there was an intense heat from the fire due to the quantity of oil that was kept there and also to the dryness of the wood in the interior. After a short time freight train came in and the engine from this was backed down the siding  to hitch on to the other engine and it was pulled out from where it is reported it will be taken to Montreal for repairs. The loss will mean that till the building is replaced the engine to take the local will have to go to Smiths Falls every night and come up to Perth in the morning, which will be a great inconvenience to the C.P.R.

Railway and Marine World January 1927

The stone and wood locomotive house at Perth was completely destroyed by fire Nov. 21, the locomotive housed there being considerably damaged before it could be got out.

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