The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Ottawa Electric Railway Power Station at the Chaudiere Hit by Lightning 11 August 1891.

Ottawa Citizen 8 January 1894

A blaze in a storehouse at the electric car headquarters.

Between the hours of nine and eleven o'clock Saturday night a storehouse used by the Electric Railway company adjoining the company's sheds on Albert Street, was destroyed by fire together with a couple of sheds at the rear owned by Martin McDonald. The origin of the fire is unknown.
Within a few minutes after it started the storehouse was in a mass of flames, and the fire having been given an impetus by a couple of barrels of grease that was stored away in the building.
The fireman worked hard and kept the fire from making its way into the car sheds. At one time the car sheds were thought to be in danger, and the cars in them at the time were run out onto Albert street. The damage is estimated at $500 or $600, being covered by insurance. This estimate will be doubled if it is proved that several armatures that were stored in the building are destroyed.

Ottawa Citizen 13 January 1894

The loss by the fire at the Electric Railway Company’s car sheds last Saturday was $2,500.  The company had $1,000 insurance at the Atlas Insurance Company which it received on Thursday.

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