The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Hull Electric Waiting Room under the Chateau Laurier burned 15 January 1922

Ottawa Journal 16 January 1922

Fire Destroys H.E.R. Waiting Room Here

Fire comletely destroyed the waiting room and ticket office of the Hull Electric Railway Company at 3.05 Sunday morning. Defective wiring or a spark from a passing train, it is thought, started the blaze.  A taxi drivr of the Major Hill Taxi Co. saw the fire from the Interprovincial bridge and reported the matter at the Chateau Laurier. Mr. Sam Thersault, night clerk, sent in the alarm. Owing to the heavy smoke, the firemen had difficulty in making their way down to the station platform, and had to use over 100 feet of hose before they could direct a stream of water on the blaze. Damage estimated at $1,500 was done.
Updated 19 October 2021

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