The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Ottawa West Canadian Pacific (formerly Canada Central) roundhouse burned 26 October 1883.

Ottawa Citizen 26 October 1883

Shortly after two o'clock the old roundhouse situated on the north side of the track, was discovered to be on fire. Notwithstanding that the fire brigade was promptly on hand, it was found impossible to save the building, which was totally destroyed.  Fortunately there were no locomotives in at the time, the last one having been taken out for shunting purposes just before the fire broke out.  The origin of the fire is unknown.  The loss is estimated at about $3,000.

Ottawa Citizen 29 October 1883

The new CPR roundhouse will, it is expected, be completed about the 10th of next month.

Ottawa Citizen 13 December 1883

The new round house of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company at the Chaudiere is now completed and affords accommodation for twenty locomotives and tenders.

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