The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Grand Trunk Station Platforms and Five Box Cars at Maxville burned 5 July 1911

Chesterville Record 13 July 1911

Maxville Fire Caused Loss of $100,000
The little town of Maxville on the Grand Trunk Railway in Glengarry County was almost destroyed by fire on Wednesday night last week the loss being in the neighbourhood of $100,000, with less than half that amount of insurance. The chief losses are: Smiley & Robertson, sash and door factory, saw mill and lumber yard, loss $30,000. J.W. Smiley, residence and granary, loss $5,000 on house; granary $2,000. W.H. Dwyer & Co. Ltd., Ottawa, two granaries loss $3,000. R. Woodroffe, residence loss $2,000. D. Duparent, residence, loss $1,500. D. McMillan, stables loss $1,500 Grand trunk Railway Company station platforms, five box cars loaded with pressed hay, rails etc., ;oss $20,000. A.J. McEwen, logs, loss $1,200.
Assistance was sent from Ottawa, but the fire was under control when it arrived. The fire broke out in Smiley and Robertson's factory about 9 p.m. from some unknown cause, and quickly spread to surrounding buildings.

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