The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Kingston, Portsmouth and Cataraqui Electric Railway Car Barns burned 13 January 1909

Ottawa Journal  13 January 1909

Kingston Street car barns burnt.
A $10,000 fire broke out early this morning in the street car barns on Ontario street and was fought vigorously by the firemen in the face of the bitterest weather of this year.  The alarm was given at about two o'clock, and from that hour until eight o'clock the flames were fought and the fire confined to the building, part of which was also occupied by Crawford's broom factory.  The street car men got out much of their equipment, two cars alone being burnt.  These were in the pits and were undergoing repairs.
The two upper flats of Crawford's factory, where the workrooms were, were badly gutted.
The fire was of so vigorous a type that it was deemed desirable to secure aid and the men of "A" and "B" Batteries were called out.  They did yeoman service.  Police Constable Nallon was injured by falling into a pit in the darkness.
The origin of the fire is so far unknown, but it took in the street car section.  The line will be fairly well covered by insurance.  The Street Railway Company owns the building.

Ottawa Citizen 14 January 1909

Serious Blaze Early In The Morning Costs $10,000
Kingston, Ont. Jan. 12.[sic] - The Street Railway company's barns and Crawford's broom factory on King  street east, were destroyed  by fire which broke out about two o'clock this morning. The loss will be $10,000. The firemen had a hard fight on such bitterly cold morning but managed to confine the terriffic blaze to the two buildings. Members of A and B batteries were called out and rendered valuable assistance. All but two of the cars were saved. These two were in pits for repairs. Policeman Maylon was injured by falling into a pit in the darkness. The origin of the fire is unknown. The loss is pretty well covered by insurance.

Canadian Railway and Shipping World February 1909

The KP&C Ry.'s car barns were destroyed by a fire which occurred at Kingston Jan. 13.  All the cars but two were saved.  The loss is estimated at $10,000.

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