The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canada Atlantic Roundhouse at Hammond Destroyed by Fire 24 November 1898

Ottawa Free Press 26 November 1898

The Canada Atlantic round house at Hawkesbury was burned to the ground Wednesday night.  The cause of the fire is unknown.  The total loss to the company is about $10,000, of which $9,000 represents the value of one of the company's engines which was completely destroyed.

Eastern Ontario Review 18 November 1898

Fire broke out in the C.A.R. round house on Wednesday night about nine o'clock,completely destroying the building and rendering useless the engine and tender which had just been housed a short time before. It appears that the watchman, who had been working in the round house, had occasion to go over to some cars a short distance away. He had only been gone a few minutes when he noticed flames shoot up from the middle of the round house just about where the cab of the engine would be.  He made a dash for the round house, jumped into the cab of the engine intending to run the engine and tender out and save them, when part of the burning ceiling fell on him and he had to jump to save himself.  Fortunately he escaped uninjured. Owing, it is supposed, to the presence of oil about the building, in an incredible short time it was completely enveloped in flames. The passenger cars standing close by the side of the round house were in danger of being fired, but were pushed out of harm's way. The fire engine was brought out but from the first it was evident nothing could be done to save either the building or engine, besides it was found there was danger of explosion of the boiler or of some casks of oil which were in the building. A little over half an hour after fire started the wall towards the east end fell in, followed by the end of the building about ten mionutes later, and about 9.45 the whole building was level to the ground leaving the engine and tender exposed. After the building fell the fire engine was brought into use to put out what remained of the fire. The loss will be in the neighborhood of $10,000.

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