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Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Grand Trunk Station at Hammond Destroyed by Fire 13 June  1914

Ottawa Citizen 15 June 1914

Several Buildings Burned in Hammond Village.
Fire, said to have been started by sparks from a railway engine, did about $10,000 damage on Saturday morning in the village of Hammond. Ont., about 25 miles from Ottawa, on the branch line of the Grand Trunk, from South Indian to Rockland.
The fire started in the Grand Trunk station soon after a train had passed and in a few minutes enveloped the little building in flames, which, spread to Joseph Roy's butcher shop. then to his residence. From there it spread to O. Heneys general store, the Orange hall, the Methodist church and W. F. Empty's residence, where it died out because there was nothing more to burn close by.
Mr. Roy's loss is about $2,500. partly covered by insurance; Mr. Heneys, $2,600, also partly insured; Mr. Empey's $1,000; the Orange hall. Methodist church and the Grand Trunk station $1,000 each, on which there was very little insurance.
All the contents of the buildings were burned as the fire spread so rapidly there was no time to save anything.

Eastern Ontario Review 19 June 1914

Fire at Hammond
Grand Trunk Station and Freight Shed, loss $2,000
Hammond Ont., June 15. - Seven buildings were totally destroyed by fire here on Saturday morning entailing a loss of about $10,000.
The fire started in the Grand Trunk freight shed, evidently from a spark  from a passing engine, and had gained considerable headway before it was noticed by the station agent about 10.30.
A strong wind was blowing in the direction of the village and the flames soon attacked the station which was a wooden structure, It then spread to the main street and inside of two hours several stores  the Methodist church and Orange hall, both frame buildings, were smouldering heaps of ashes.
Bucket Brigade
The volunteer bucket brigade worked valiantly, and it was due to their efforts that the remainder of the village was saved. Water had to be drawn from long distances, but considerable aid was given by the engine of the G.T.R. train which pulled into the village while the fire was raging. The water in the boiler was run off into buckets and used on the flames.

Library and Archives Canada RG 46 vol 1574 file 25990
Hammond Station
8 June 1915 from J.A. Roy Parish Priest It will soon be a year since the Grand Trunk station at Hammond burned down and the Company has not thought it advisable to reconstruct same. - passengers are in constant danger at the point where the temporary station is located. - The access to the railway is now so difficult that our trade is paralyzed. - The municipal council some years ago voted a certain sum of money towards the erection of a station at Cheney, and when the latter was burned down the amount was transferred to that of Hammond.

26 June 1915 from GTR Our station at Hammond was totally destroyed by fire on 13 June 1914. Plans were prepared for a new building but owing to the critical financial conditions that arose the work of rebuilding was held over and we cannot see our way to erect stations at this or any other points until financial conditions improve. Immediately the building was destroyed we had a coach placed which was properly fitted up, also a box car to protect freight shipments. While investigating this complaint it was found that there were two cars placed rather close to our main line and it has been arranged to have them moved back. There will be no danger to passengers any more than what there would be if new building was erected and when these two cars are moved back access will be improved. We have not received any money from the Municipal Council towards the erection of a new station but what the Rev. Roy refers to is, we presume, the grant voted by the council of Clarence twp. about 22 years ago as a bonus to the Central Counties Railway who, at the time, owned and operated the Rockland branch, to locate and build a station at Hammond (sic). This station was located and built and we still maintain a station at that point. The average number of passengers using our Hammond (sic) station per day is six.

Board of Railway Commissioners Order No. 30422 of  9 December 1920

Approves location and details of GTR proposed new station at Hammond.

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