The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Station at Farrelton Destroyed by Fire 27 October 1902

Ottawa Citizen 28 October 1902

Station was burned down.
Strange fire at Farrelton.
Early morning risers found a pile of ashes where the building stood the night before.
A fire, apparently of incendiary origin, occurred yesterday at Farrelton on the Ottawa, Northern and Western railway, and the station building, valued at $300, was razed to the ground.  The station stood alone in a field about half a mile from the nearest house.  When the section foreman passed it at about 11.30 Sunday night, everything seemed right and secure.  At daylight nothing but a pile of ashes remained. No one saw the fire and no one knows how it originated.  There were no trains passing during the night and every circumstance points to incendiarism.  The station was insured.
The only other cause to which the fire can be attributed is an electrical storm which passed over that district on Sunday night.

Identical wording in the Ottawa Journal 28 October 1902

Updated 15 October 2021

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