The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Station Clarendon 2 December 1917

Kingston Daily British Whig 7 December 1917

News From Eastern Ontario
Big Fire At Clarenden. [sic]
The Station Burned to the Ground on Sunday Afternoon.
Clarendon, Dec. 3.- An exciting time occurred at Clarendon when the station and residence in connection were burned to the ground, on Sunday afternoon, the fire starting about four o’clock. It is supposed the fire started from a defective chimney in the rear of the house and had made such headway before being discovered that it was impossible to check the flames. The contents of the freight sheds were saved and also the greater part of the office equipment, but the year’s supply of coal and wood was burned. The agent suffered quite a loss, as a lot of household effects were burned, and there being no insurance. The store being so close, was also on fire and much damage was done, and only the heroic efforts of those gathered saved the building from being destroyed. Mr. Buffam’s hotel, on the other side, was on fire several times but the flames were extinguished.
The C.P.R. office work is being carried on in the hotel for the present time.

Updated 3 October 2021

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