The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Grand Trunk Carlsbad Springs Station 12 September 1906

Ottawa Citizen 14 September 1906

Carlebad [sic] Springs Station Was Burned Down.
Carlsbad Springs, Sept. 13 (Special). The G. T. R. railroad station here was totally destroyed by fire yesterday. Every effort was made to check the conflagration, but owing to a lack of appliances little could he done but watch the destruction of the property.
The fire is supposed to have originated from the spark of an engine attached to a heavy freight train which passed through about noon and the hot weather made all things considerably dry. The fire started at about one o'clock and depot was quickly a blackened ruin.
The nelghood was naturally considerably excited and those near were willing to do all they could to save property. They could not however save the depot.

Ottawa Journal 21 June 1907

A station is being erected at Carlsbad Springs.

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