The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Canadian Pacific Roundhouse Running Shed Carleton Place 12 Deceber 1911

Ottawa Citizen 13 December 1911

Fire In Roundhouse
Excitement at Threatening Blaze at Carleton Place

Carleton Place, Ont., Dec. 12. - Fire broke out at seven o'clock tonight in the Canadian Pacific Railway's old five pit round house, used as a running shed, in which at the time there were four locomotives. The company's firemen, with their splendid appliances, and the town brigade responding promptly to the alarm, by hard work confined the  flames to the running shed, the walls of which remain practically uninjured. The interior is destroyed and the locomotives are considerably damaged. The company’s extensive repair shops and the large ten pit roundhouse adjacent in which the repairs upon engines are made, escaped without damage, being separated from the running shed by fire walls. The buildings throughout are of stone. For some time the entire works, with the engine and boiler house, the old shops and offices seemed in imminent danger, but a splendid supply of water from the company's tanks and several heavy streams from the two firefighting organizations, had the flames under control in less than an hour. The loss will not likely exceed seven thoudand dollars.

Ottawa Journal 20 December 1911

Everything is again in working order at the C.P.R. shops here which were shut down for a couple of days last week as a result of a fire on Tuesday evening when the roof of the running shed of the roundhouse was destroyed by fire and four locomotives  partially disabled.  The steam pipes from the boiler to the engine of the shops were right in the heart of the fire, and being destroyed, put the engine out of business, and consequently made it necessary to close the shops a couple of days leaving 150 men out of work.  The total amount of damage done won't amount to more than $7,000 or &8,000 at the outside.
It is expected that the roof of the running shed will soon be repaired as the stone walls of the building are just as good as ever.

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